Eat Drink KL: Wawan Kitchen & Cheppenim's Kitchen

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wawan Kitchen & Cheppenim's Kitchen

Wawan Kitchen’s Nasi Ayam Roasted Berlambak lives up to its name, with what amounts to almost a double serving of chicken with rice, cucumbers, soup and sauces (RM12). The roast chicken holds up after delivery, still warm and juicy, slobbering with soy sauce. The chilli sauce is on the tamer side, with maybe more needed to match the portion of meat.

The Mee Rebus Daging is similarly sizable, with a thickly 'pekat'-style gravy that’s suitably spicy, its slippery noodles and fleshy-textured beef cubes spruced up with the perfect mix of tofu, bean sprouts, vegetables, chilli and egg (RM10).

Wawan Kitchen
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Salmon Aglio Olio Bunga Kantan and Hailam Seafood Aglio Olio? Cheppenim's Kitchen dishes out pastas with Malaysian-inspired twists. The Salmon Bunga Kantan feels a tad more aromatic than the typical aglio olio, paired with a princely portion of salmon that could perhaps benefit from more seasoning (RM25.50), while the Hailam Seafood is for folks who favour slightly more gravy-creamy pastas, peppery and punched up with plenty of prawns, squid and mushrooms (RM18.50).

Cheppenim’s Kitchen
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