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Thursday, January 21, 2021

TalkCrab: Lunar New Year 2021 Fortune & Prosperity Crab Buckets


With the Lunar New Year to be celebrated at home next month, bring more variety to your festive meals with TalkCrab's Bucket Sets, featuring a feast of fabulous crabs, mantis prawns, tiger prawns and premium baby octopus.

TalkCrab's buckets are the crustacean version of poon choy, a modern twist on traditional Cantonese and Hakka treasure pots. These buckets are powered by claws and tentacles, exclusively available this season for seafood fans, delivered throughout the Klang Valley by a youthful, fast-growing crab specialist.

Order a TalkCrab bucket from now through the end of February for a vibrant splash of brightly appetising crabs and more, perfect for a cracking-fun time with your loved ones, especially if seafood is a must-have for your Lunar New Year family get-togethers.

TalkCrab's crabs were one of our favourite crab meals of 2020, so we're confident these Bucket Sets will be a lip-smacking way to usher in the Year of the Ox. 

Fortune favours the famished: TalkCrab's mega-hearty Fortune Bucket features two fresh meat crabs weighing more than 400 grams each, 12 premium tiger prawns, 10-15 pieces of baby octopus, and 10 fried mini mantaos, as well as two servings of coconut water to keep the beach vibes going strong, even at a time when we can't hit the seaside (RM198 nett). This bucket is suitable for two to four persons.

The crabs will be cooked in one of TalkCrab's own fine-tuned flavours, such as Signature Buttermilk, Golden Salted Egg Yolk, Speciality Chilli, Super Kam Heong and Salt-&-Pepper. If you need a refresher on TalkCrab, click here for our earlier review.

Need an even bigger spread for four to six persons? The Prosperity Bucket is a princely portion, perfect for patrons who can't get enough of crabs and prawns. No Yee Sang needed!

If your family loves crabs, look no further. TalkCrab continues to run deliveries amid the MCO, sourcing the freshest and fleshiest crabs from most reliable suppliers, so you won't even have to leave your living room to throw a crab party that'll satisfy even the pickiest seafood enthusiast.

TalkCrab is a relative newcomer to the delivery scene, but it has delivered freshly cooked crabs everyday since October 2020. Its founders are young and energetic, committed to consistency and cost - they personally choose their crabs to ensure each one is as meaty as possible, promising them at prices that are 20% to 30% lower than crab-specialist restaurants. If you love exploring crab eateries, check out this crab delivery for a distinctively worthwhile experience.

If you love the ocean's catch, order some extra sides - TalkCrab casts its net beyond crabs too, serving up salt-and-pepper mantis and tiger prawns and steamed baby octopus with a homemade sauce. 

TalkCrab makes all of its pastes and sauces from scratch, even grinding its own pepper and blending its own chilli oil, so the flavours are as rich and aromatic as possible, beautifully complementing the firm, plump and moist seafood, never mushy, withered or dried out. Plus, everything's cooked to order, so you'll receive your meal warm and ready to eat.




Contact 012-3388838 (Scott) or 017-8795493 (Justin) for more information.

Vfresh Food Supply: Seafood & Groceries, from King Crabs to Pineapple Tarts

Offering everything from mackerel caught off Sekinchan's shores to pineapples harvested in Johor and turned into tarts, Vfresh is a truly homegrown supplier of seafood and groceries, run by a Malaysian aviation trainer in his family's apartment. 

While many households might have their refrigerators filled with packaged products, Mugu, his wife and their son try to keep things very fresh in their Happy Garden home. Making wholesome food choices has been part of his upbringing - Mugu has been cooking in the kitchen since he was 13, raised in a family that rarely ate out.

We visited Vfresh's modest set-up several weeks ago for a peek into its freezers, from which Mugu makes deliveries at least three days every week, typically Thursdays through Saturdays. If you're searching for an independent supplier that strives to be responsible for its produce and reasonable in its prices, Vfresh is worth checking out. 

Most of Vfresh's offerings are locally sourced, but we had a glimpse of some imported seafood that could be ideal if you're planning a special feast at home for the Lunar New Year or other occasions. 

At about RM140 per kilogram, Vfresh's king crabs (about 1.2 to 1.6 kg per crab) are nearly half the price of what some other suppliers charge. Conveniently, these are cooked and frozen ahead of delivery, so all you need to do is slice the crab open and bake it with butter for best results.

For the numerous salmon fans out there, Vfresh's salmon fillets (RM15 for 200 grams) hail from a Chilean farm that upholds sustainable practices. Unlike a lot of other farmed salmon, these fish don't have their diets spiked with colourings that make the salmon look more artificially attractive. 

The result is salmon that tastes fresher than the wares of many supermarkets - Mugu notes that his fish, both local and imported, is frozen immediately after filleting so it retains its ideal texture. Also, unlike wet markets, there isn't any leftover fish that's refrozen and thawed out again for sale the next day.

Casting a close look at the tenggiri when it's handled (RM10-RM12 per fillet) also provides evidence of its freshness. Vfresh's tenggiri is typically sourced from Sekinchan, though back-up alternatives from Mersing in peninsular Malaysia's south and Kuantan in the east are also sometimes available, essentially all across the country's coasts.

This tenggiri is filleted from large fish that weigh at least four kilograms, considered the XXL-size for tenggiri. They're filleted immediately after being brought to the fishery, washed and individually packed for easy portioning, though whole tenggiri fish is also available (RM38 per kilogram).

If you favour freshwater fish, order the tilapia fillets (RM6 per fillet). This is tilapia that's earmarked from the start for filleting, frozen for transport immediately, instead of regular tilapia that might only be filleted after the whole fish fails to be sold.

Other fresh fish available from Vfresh include pomfret, siakap, stingray, snapper and senangin. Sea prawns, tiger prawns and squid are also available, as is poultry, specifically soybean meal-fed kampung chicken from a respected farm in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

For Vfresh's groceries, recommendations include the precooked BBQ Eel (RM22; halal-certified), perfect if you feel like having unagi kabayaki stored in your fridge to heat up and have in a jiffy.

Pineapples and pineapple products are also available, from an Orang Asli-run farm in Ulu Tiram, Johor. You can order whole, fresh MD2 pineapples, known for their high Vitamin C content (RM8 per pineapple, roughly 1 to 1.3 kilograms), or tarts (RM28 for 36 pieces) and cold-pressed juice (RM8 per bottle, or two for RM15) produced in Mersing, for your fix of tropical tang to satisfy your cravings and slake your thirst.

Vfresh has your meal covered from start to dessert. Round out your order with New Zealand Natural Ice Cream (480ml for RM28.90), in flavours like Milk Chocolate, Classic Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Macadamia Supreme, Buttermilk and Raspberry, or Caramel and Toasted Coconut.

From their family to yours, this is just the beginning for Vfresh, which hopes to someday have its own dedicated space for fresh produce as well as warm meals prepared from that produce. Mugu also aims to have Vfresh involved directly in agriculture and aquaculture, nurturing its own produce eventually.

Contact Vfresh at 017-406-5767

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Bok's Kito, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Bok’s Kito brings the Kelantanese oomph to TTDI with its Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik (RM15), currently available for takeout and delivery. It's everything you need without the six-hour drive to Kota Bharu - fragrant blue-hued rice, made extra-aromatic with kerisik, spices and herbs, bolstered by chicken with a sultry char that has lusciously absorbed the santan-saturated percik sauce. Even the keropok on the side isn't an afterthought, as crunchy as it would be if freshly bought from a stall on the beaches of Bachok.

Bok’s Kito
38G, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 013-288-1797

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One World Hotel Petaling Jaya: Poon Choy & Yee Sang Deliveries

One World Hotel Petaling Jaya is our one-stop destination for a complete Lunar New Year dinner - Poon Choy that spells prosperity, plentifully prepared with everything from sashimi-grade scallops to chicken lap cheong for a Malaysian-friendly meal, plus a variety of Ox-picious Yee Sang, brightened by premium ingredients spanning abalone to geoduck.

To order, please call One World Hotel's Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at 603-7681-1159 or WhatsApp 6016-339-0995

Executive Chef Tommy Choong takes pride in crafting Poon Choy that remains true to tradition - despite being pork-free, this treasure pot brims with brilliantly full-bodied flavours.

The Poon Choy feast is satisfying from start to finish - the seafood galore includes sashimi-grade Alaskan scallops, gently poached for a delicate tenderness; plump prawns, lightly deep-fried with soy sauce for a savoury-sweet juiciness; firm and fleshy abalone; plus dried oysters beautifully braised in oyster sauce.

Zuan Yuan's kitchen also weaves culinary magic with house-made fish balls, extra-special with strands of fatt choy, extra-textured and tasty with spring onions and dried shrimp.

Meat includes kampung chicken that's perfectly poached according to Hainan inspirations, alongside chicken lap cheong, punchily pan-fried for sheer succulence. Other ingredients including beancurd, broccoli, mushrooms and radish round out this heartily balanced Poon Choy.

Families will have fun feasting on this Poon Choy, encountering and experiencing a wealth of ingredients one after another, each with its own unique taste and texture, bound together in the kitchen's own-made fermented beancurd sauce that pays lip-smacking tribute to the origins of classical Poon Choy.

One World Hotel Petaling Jaya's Poon Choy is available ready to eat, in a portion for six persons at RM688 nett. Order at least one day in advance.

The Poon Choy is served in a lovely premium casserole pot that was exclusively designed for the hotel. You'll get to keep the pot, which should serve you for many more meals in the future, as well as the big, handy and endurable red bag.

Equally enticing is the range of premium Yee Sang, with accompaniments like live geoduck, as fresh as imaginable, yielding a gorgeous crunch and great briny richness, going well with a house-made sour plum sauce that's light and lively.

Zuan Yuan's Yee Sang is a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours - other possibilities include Yee Sang with Lobster Meat and Abalone or Yee Sang with Alaskan Scallops and Black Truffles, as well as Yee Sang with Salmon Fillet, Yee Sang with Crispy Whitebait and Salmon Skin, and Fruit Yee Sang with Chef's Special Sauce, starting from RM98 nett per half portion and from RM168 nett for a full portion. If you want to customise your Yee Sang with ingredients like live oysters, Zuan Yuan can also oblige.

To order, please call One World Hotel Petaling Jaya's Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at 603-7681-1159 or WhatsApp 6016-339-0995

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