Eat Drink KL: November 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Kedai Nombor 7, Bangsar

Open the old fridge door for a cool glimpse into Bangsar's new covert bar, a calm and friendly hideout whose cocktails showcase several playful Malaysian flourishes - Daddy's Cendol is a rum-based concoction that's rich with pandan and santan, while Milo No. 7 brings together the childhood pleasures of Malaysia's favourite chocolate-and-malt beverage with the adult delights of Jim Beam and Cointreau (RM37 each).

Kedai Nombor 7
7, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 5pm-2am. Tel: 012-275-4723

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Johny Bikin Kopi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

As far as coffee bars go, Johny Bikin Kopi is not your average joe - run by a collective of Malaysian movie-makers, this is also a space for everything from short film screenings to script readings and talks. Come in on a calm weekday afternoon and pick up a copy of American Cinematographer to thumb through while enjoying a bagel with coffee.

Johny Bikin Kopi
17A, Level 1, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm. Tel: 03-7731-3184

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Lagoon Bar, Olhuveli Maldives

Heartache medication abounds at the Olhuveli island resort's Lagoon Bar, with cocktails and wine for company from morning through long past the Maldivian sunset.

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mancave Cafe & Collectibles, Puchong

From mutant pizzas and nasi lemak to marvellous beverages inspired by the Infinity Stones, Mancave's latest menu is a super-heroic effort to excite enthusiasts of comic books and collectibles.

When we first visited this cafe in early 2018, we admired its assortment of 100-strong action figures and other top-drawer merchandise, many manufactured by U.S. and Japanese makers. Founded by three Malaysian collectors and a Singaporean fan of Batman, this venue is a showcase for everything from The Avengers to the Justice League, with Star Wars and other fandoms also represented.

Mancave is as much a cafe as a gallery of guardians and rogues, where customers can linger amid impressively intricate memorabilia, surrounded by their favourite characters from comic book pages and movie screens. With plenty of posters and props, plus claw machines and even LEGO sets for the young ones, this is a family-friendly space for the young at heart.

Now, Mancave's kitchen is sparking off fresh fireworks for the palate, seeking to live up imaginatively to the setting. Here are some highlights.

Mancave's latest creations are powered by both East and West; the Nasi Lemak Pizza features a thin-crusted base that lets its toppings shine - egg, cucumber, anchovies, peanuts and a prominent sambal that's tangy, savoury, sweet and spicy, for a Malaysian-Italian hybrid of influences.

The X-Nasi Lemak (RM9.90 as an introductory launch price) marks the next evolution of our national dish, with the aromatic coconut rice tinted naturally with blue pea flowers, joining forces with unconventional sidekicks like chicken ham and sausage for a cross between a KL and a full English breakfast.

Other fusion temptations include crowd-pleasing pastas like seafood tom yam spaghetti.

Looking for fun twists on waffles? Here's one: Teaming up American hot dogs with Hong Kong egg waffles, the Eggette Sausage is a hearty, playful treat - a warm-and-fresh brown sugar eggette that sandwiches a hefty chicken sausage, cheese and plenty of vegetables for a balanced meal to sink your teeth into, more tasty and textured than hot dogs with typical buns.

Here's another: Square Mark II (RM12.90; the name is a nod to the Iron Man armours) evokes a moffle - a Taiwanese-inspired cross between mochi and waffles - with a crisp bite and a glutinous chew, well-partnered with berries, ice cream and a pretzel for a charming dessert with warm-and-cold contrasts.

You won't have to scour the universe in search of the Space Gem (RM15.90) - Mancave throws down the gauntlet with this fizzy blue-lagoon soda flavoured with peach and lemon, lively with lychee and mint leaves. If you're photographing this for Instagram, be sure to shoot it beside the Infinity Gauntlet with gems that light up.

The Space Gem is part of Mancave's Infinity Series of beverages, colour-coordinated to tempt Thanos and everyone else who thirsts for a powerful refreshment. 

If Deadpool were a drink, it might be this strawberry syrup iced latte (RM13.90), with the colours of the Merc with a Mouth's costume, blending the caffeine hit of coffee with a nectarous fruitiness.

Mancave is also serious about its espresso-based coffee - the single origin espresso currently features Colombia Finca La Manuela fully washed beans, which Mancave has named 'Red Cape' - from 1,900 metres above sea level, roasted by Malaysia's own Beans Depot - not too bitter or acidic, nicely nutty and chocolaty, with a caramel aroma and a velvety body.

Note: Mancave is a participating venue in Eat Drink KL's coffee pass subscription, so you can enjoy espresso-based coffee at a discounted rate here.

With its delightfully distinctive decor, Mancave is the perfect place for superhero-themed events (make mine Mancave?) - call them to find out more.

Many thanks to Mancave Cafe & Collectibles for having us here.

Mancave Cafe & Collectibles
17, First Floor, Jalan Puteri 7/13A, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.
Open Mon-Thurs, 12pm-10pm; Fri, 12pm-12am; Sat, 10am-12am; Sun, 10am-10pm. Tel: 018-298-2312

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