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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Schewy: Soft, Chewy Cookies

Swapping out lash curlers for rolling pins, Schewy by Samantha was founded by a former makeup artist who began baking for her children while in lockdown earlier this year. Striving to make ends meet, Samantha started baking regularly, sending samples to friends and family, before turning her efforts into a cookie business.

Schewy's has since become so popular, Samantha is now baking at full capacity and is sold out till Christmas. But if you enjoy chunky, soft-and-chewy cookies, consider Schewy for a gift to yourself or your favourite people in 2021 - the cookies are inspirationally baked with love, packing plenty of flavour with a fresh-textured lusciousness.

For a beautifully balanced, melt-in-the-mouth experience, try the Chewy Chocolate Chip (RM45 for 12), crafted with French butter for a light crumb, bursting with bittersweet 60% cacao chocolate chips. A touch of Peruvian sea salt is the final flourish, moderating the richness with natural savouriness.

The most decadent is the Double Chocolate Cookie (RM55 for 12), deep and dark, with twice the potency of chocolate packed in each cookie, rounded out with 70% cacao chocolate chips. Once again, a pinch of Peruvian sea salt proves sufficient to balance the sinfulness.

Cookies & Cream is, of course, a fan favourite for the young at heart, all mixed up with Oreos and Hershey's chocolate (RM60 for 12). It's a bit crunchier than its peers, more milk chocolate than dark. 

Beyond those three, Schewy's other cookie varieties include the Truffle Chocolate, Macadamia Coffee, and Milk Chocolate, all with no preservatives and relatively low sugar content across the board - after all, Samantha has been preparing them for her kids too. 

The cookies will keep for about four days in an air-tight container and a week in the fridge - reheat them and you'll get a great cookie in a jiffy.

Many thanks to Schewy for this sampling.

Schewy by Samantha
To order, WhatsApp 017-218-1677

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