Eat Drink KL: January 2024

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Ora Dining romances the palate with modern European-inspired 2024 Valentine's Day Menu

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If images of Italy, France and their food conjure feelings of romance, passion and pleasure for you, Ora Dining will seduce your senses with its Valentine’s Day Menu, exclusively available for two nights only in February.

This swoon-worthy showcase is propelled by progressive European culinary inspirations with sensual splashes of French oysters and foie gras plus Italian pastas and black truffles, lovingly laced with contemporary Asian and Japanese touches.

From Hokkaido scallop toast with white sturgeon caviar to agnolotti with smoked ricotta and Parmigiano emulsion, wine and dine your partner at Ora Dining in Taman Tun Dr Ismail on 14 or 15 February, with seatings at 6pm and 8:30pm for RM350+ per person.

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Ora Dining's Valentine's menu hits all the right notes for the food of love. 

For starters, dive deep into two mouthwatering molluscs - both the Hokkaido Scallop Toast or Fine de Claire Oyster will be served to patrons.

The Hokkaido Scallop Toast is fantastic foreplay for the palate: Plump, fresh scallops sprinkled with white sturgeon caviar promise a tantalising taste of the sea's treasures, cushioned with gorgeous green goddess dressing on toast.

The Fine de Claire Oyster delivers delicately nuanced brininess, its soft aphrodisiacal flesh blanketed in beautifully shimmering saffron tomato gelée and ponzu vin with a faintly floral zestiness.

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Since launching in November, Ora has become a neighbourhood favourite for pastas. Fans will be satisfied to see an entire course devoted to pasta on this Valentine's menu - select from the irresistibly rich agnolotti, swathed in Parmigiano emulsion, showered with figs, smoked ricotta and a generous garnish of shaved black truffles, or the even more decadent Alla Chittara Lobster Pasta (supplement +RM50), an Italian classic reinterpreted with international flourishes, bathed in sultry shoyu uni cream, crowned with Canadian lobster and dill oil.

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For the climactic course, choose from beef or fish, both equally enticing.

Ora tackles the Tournedos with its triumphant take on the Rossini (supplement +RM50) - full-bodied Australian tenderloin, layered with pan-seared foie gras for a moist, melt-in-the-mouth marvel, rounded out with black truffle jus and seared cabbage. 

Alternatively, the Seared Red Snapper is elaborately enchanting, swimming into our hearts with thick, juicy fillets of snapper, soaked in umami-saturated dashi beurre blanc caviar and studded with scintillating roe. 

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Dessert ends the menu on a dreamy, creamy note. 

Ora is justifiably confident that this Sticky Date Pudding is a smash hit - its heartwarming base, lusciously indulgent, is coupled with banana ice cream and smoked cream, sending us out into the night on a heavenly high.

The Valentine's menu includes a complimentary welcome drink for two persons. Patrons can add RM200+ for a bottle of red or white wine (Care Tinto Sobre Lias Garnache Syrah, Spain or La Champagne Sauvignon Blacn, France).

Ora Dining
29, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tuesday-Wednesday, 4pm-12am; Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-12am; closed Monday. 
Tel: 017-228-8471

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Celebrate a vegan-friendly Chinese New Year with Daily Greens & Grains' festive sets in Damansara Jaya

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What happens when two longtime vegetarians who've led meat-free lives for over 20 years launch their own restaurant?

At Damansara Jaya's Daily Greens & Grains, everyday meals become temptingly flavourful and thoroughly nourishing - even without poultry, red meat or fish.

Founders Leong and Yee, who embarked on this restaurant in 2022, also run the neighbourhood's Clean Eating Grocer store, so they have access to an abundance of fresh, high-quality organic ingredients.

Daily Greens & Grains caters to everyone - its fare is meat-free, MSG-free and Muslim-friendly, without chemicals and artificial additives. Instead of regular table salt, the kitchen harnesses much healthier Himalayan pink salt, satisfying customer cravings for savouriness.

For this Lunar New Year, Daily Greens & Grains offers some of PJ's most noteworthy vegetarian celebratory feasts, with all sauces, soups and pastes prepared from scratch. 

Available 1-25 February, these Lunar New Year sets feature festive favourites with vegan twists, from the Prosperity Yee Sang with sea bird's nest to cordycep flower herbal broth and winter melon ring with black moss sauce. From the Four Seasons Auspicious Platter to the Longevity Stuffed Mushrooms and Ong Lai Pineapple Almond Rice with organic ten-grain rice, these are thoughtful recipes that everyone will appreciate.

Daily Greens & Grains will conveniently remain open throughout the Lunar New Year season, with two reunion dinner sessions on 9 February (5:30pm to 7pm and 7:30pm to 9pm) and five sessions on the first day of the new year, starting from 10:30am to 9pm.

Reservations are strongly encouraged for the Lunar New Year meals. Contact 017-332-5518 or fill up this Google form.

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Toss to a vibrant Year of the Dragon with the Prosperity Yee Sang, the opener to the Vegan Prosperity Set Meal for 10 (RM888). 

It's a bumper crop of the season's best fruits and vegetables, harvesting ripe strawberries, luscious dragon fruit, grapes, blueberries and Korean pears\, beautifully plated with sea bird's nest, enhanced with Daily Greens & Grains' own passionfruit sauce. If you love lively yee sang, bright with exuberant flavours and crisp textures, this is the one!

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The Prosperity Set Meal continues with the Golden “Shark Fin” Soup, creatively concocted with a cordycep flower herbal broth, simmered for 18 hours to extract its clean, clear nuances. The cordyceps boast a full-bodied bite, the perfect cruelty-free alternative to shark fins.

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The Four Seasons Auspicious Platter is a crowd-pleasing treat for our loved ones, fun for all generations. Kids and adults alike will love the crunchy house-made yam basket, cheerfully rounded out with lotus roots with macadamia, sweet-sour longan gu lou hericium mushrooms and kitchen-crafted fried enoki flower rolls.

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The Abundance Luohan Winter Melon Ring is magnificently presented, showcasing a sumptuously thick and tender steamed ring of organic winter melon, stuffed at its centre with braised traditional luohan vegetables, encircled with black moss sauce and goji berries.

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The Longevity Stuffed Mushrooms are bursting with umami, punchy with organic shiitake mushrooms packed with Daily Greens & Grains' own-made plant soy, complete with steamed broccoli. 

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The Flourish Kung Pao “Fish” is imaginatively playful - the house-made "fish" is tofu-blended beancurd skin and seaweed, rolled and steamed to resemble white fish, stir-fried with kung pao sauce, crowned with cashews and coupled with irresistibly colourful organic mini mantao. 

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The Ong Lai Pineapple Almond Rice comprises organic ten-grain rice, stir-fried with almond flakes and organic pineapple cubes for bursts of natural sweetness. This is a nutritious mix of grains, seeds, beans and millets, with more fibre and a lower glycemic index than conventional rice, ideal if you're watching your blood sugar levels.

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The Prosperity Set also includes a Wealthy-Dual When Asian Meets Western Dessert Platter (house-made traditional Chinese pancakes with lotus and red bean filling, along with organic lemon champagne “cashew-cheese” tarts) and Nourishing Peach Resin Snow Fungus Lotus Seed Dessert Soup (slow-cooked grade-A peach resin with snow fungus, lotus seeds and golden dried longan). Summer Fruit Tea pair with meal, rejuvenating with tie guan yin tea leaves brewed with strawberries, blueberries, lemon, orange, passionfruit and Korean pear.

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For smaller groups, Daily Greens & Grains is also offering these Lunar New Year sets:

Vegan Set Meal for 6 (RM488)
Prosperity Yee Sang
Golden “Shark Fin” Soup
Trio Auspicious Platter 
Abundance Luohan Winter Melon Ring
Longetivity Stuffed Mushroom
Treasure Braised Sang Mee (pictured above, comprising crispy fried organic sang mee topped with Chinese red beancurd braised vegetable and fungus)
Healthy Dessert Platter 
Summer Fruit Tea 

Vegan Set Meal for 4 (RM288)
Prosperity Yee Sang
Golden “Shark Fin” Soup
Duo Auspicious Platter 
Flourish Kung Pao “Fish” 
Ong Pineapple Almond Rice
Healthy Dessert Platter
Summer Fruit Tea

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If you're here alone or with one or two companions, order the a la carte attractions such as the Signature Claypot Hericium Mushrooms with Organic Multigrain Rice (RM18.90), a vegan-friendly medley of shimeji, shiitake and hericium mushrooms, providing contrasting textures in one claypot, most notably the fabulously fleshy hericium lion's mane mushrooms.

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The Osmanthus Egg Tofu (RM25) is consistently popular - soft and silky-smooth with a rich taste, addictive to the final spoonful!

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Daily Greens & Grains-13.jpgOrganic Nai Pak & Braised Yam (RM28) feels like a homemade classic, lovingly cooked with pleasantly sharp vegetable flavours in a gently creamy yam-based soup.

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Even a simple-seeming Organic Red Bean Soup is meticulously made with organic adzuki beans, promising a firmer, more robust bite, nectarous with molasses instead of white sugar.

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Flagship beverages include the Organic Black Sesame Almond Milk (RM11.90; this could double as drink and dessert in one mug!) and Iced Japanese Matcha Latte (RM16; whisked with top-tier Japanese ceremonial matcha powder).

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Daily Greens & Grains
51, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Daily, 9am-3pm, 5:30pm-9pm. Tel: 017-332-5518