Eat Drink KL: Acumi Kerepek: Pisang Salai & Ubi Cheese Snacks

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Acumi Kerepek: Pisang Salai & Ubi Cheese Snacks

If you love munching on fun snacks, Acumi Kerepek could be for you, offering distinctive treats with a Malaysian flourish.

The Pisang Salad is crisp at first bite but softer to the chew, delicious strips that blend the tropical sweetness of banana with a slightly smoked sensation (RM15).

If chips are more your style, the Ubi Cheese features thin tapioca chips modestly coated with cheese powder that’s light enough to keep your lips wanting more and your fingers fairly clean, less artificial-tasting than many flavoured commercial varieties (RM15).

Acumi Kerepek boasts over 30 different types of snacks in its repertoire, like murukku and ikan bilis. 

Acumi Kerepek
To order, WhatsApp 014-400-2115

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