Eat Drink KL: April 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Aegean Blue, Petaling Jaya


With a partly Greek-inspired selection and setting, PJ’s new Aegean Blue serves specialities such as satisfying moussaka, steaming-hot with comfortingly tender layers of potatoes, eggplant, minced beef and kefalotyri melted cheese. 

The service is warm and welcoming, while the kitchen is capably versatile, whipping up everything from grilled octopus with fennel to slow-roasted duck with turnip confit.


Monday, April 29, 2024

Barra, Petaling Street







Petaling Street's new Barra brings Barcelona-born chef Ignasi Prat's interpretation of a contemporary tapas bar crawl to Chinatown: The menu explores 21st-century globalised Spanish cuisine - creamy rice in lobster broth with Carabinero scarlet prawn and saffron aioli; Jerusalem artichokes with ajo blanco and jamon iberico chips; scallops with braised oxtail, olive oil caviar and leek crisps; and beef cheeks with onion confit, jus and tapioca chips.


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Hora Feliz, Damansara Perdana

Fusing Latin American flair with Asian flavours, Damansara Perdana’s new Hora Feliz cooks up fun creations.

Start with Shoyu Beef Tacos, tender and tasty with Thai mango slaw and chipotle mayo in corn tortillas, and Duck Croquettes, crispy to the bite, creamy to the chew, coupled with spicy lao gan ma aioli.

Rice is refashioned in flamboyant styles - Red Beancurd Risotto puts a Malaysian Chinese nam yu twist on an Italian treat, topped with tomatoes and crunchy enoki, while Hora Frixum Rice is a squid-loving spin on fried rice, served with squid ink aioli and a runny egg yolk. 

Rigatoni also proves unique, showered with minced chicken and crackly chicken skin, soaked in tamarind-tinged chicken broth. Even a side dish of grilled broccoli is made memorable with sage vinaigrette, navel oranges and cashew sour cream.

Hora Feliz is Spanish for happy hour, so sip on citrusy cocktails - Salud is a mix of Codigo Roso tequila with orange bitters and agave syrup, while Southern Memories toasts to white rum with orange curaçao. 


Wheat & Co: KL home bakers with a unique Pandan Layer Cake & Mother's Day special dessert set

Wheat & Co-17.jpg
Wheat & Co-23.jpg
Innovative bakers, chasing consistency in quality: Wheat & Co equals wheat plus different companions - the most basic theory for baking.

Wheat & Co sources all-natural ingredients for all its bakes to provide the most authentic flavours and forms. In the past four years, Wheat & Co has constantly moved homes and changed kitchens, seeking the best spot to make its beautiful bakes.

When they first began their business in 2020, Wheat & Co's husband-and-wife founders realised their limited space and equipment marred them from maintaining top-tier results.

Last September, they relocated to their present base in Taman Connaught, with a kitchen that's three times larger than their original one, complete with hot and cold sections. This ensures they can now store every ingredient at its prime, ensuring steadfast precision and reliability.

Wheat & Co-7.jpg
Wheat & Co-3.jpgWheat & Co-5.jpg
Wheat & Co-13.jpg
Wheat & Co was launched by Vincent as its sole baker, with his wife handling the heaps of paperwork.

For 11 previous years, Vincent sharpened his skills internationally, from France to Singapore and the United States, sometimes as a hot kitchen chef, other times as a pastry perfectionist. 

Vincent is inspired by how American chefs approach desserts, experimenting excitingly with flavours and forms.

Wheat & Co has since evolved into a four-person team, working with a bounty of natural ingredients for cakes, tarts and other tempting treats.

Check out the signature Pandan Layer Cake (painstakingly handmade with 10 layers, influenced by Vincent's mother's personal recipe), plus the Mother’s Day Dessert Set, available through May, featuring a fantastic foursome that put a Taiwanese tea twist on almond tarts and a pistachio praline spin on Paris-Brest.

Find Wheat & Co's complete selection, including sourdough bread, pastries, cookies and macarons at 

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Wheat & Co-18.jpg
Wheat & Co-16.jpgWheat & Co-20.jpgWheat & Co-21.jpgWheat & Co-22.jpg
Fans of light Malaysian-inflected cakes will love Wheat & Co’s flagship Pandan Layer Cake (RM85 for 7-inch, RM110 for 8-inch). 

This cake is close to Vincent's heart - he grew up on his mother's rendition. She baked pandan layer cakes in her own style, adding agar-agar in the cake.

Vincent has fine-tuned this family recipe, harnessing handmade ingredients - each cake takes at least 6 hours to prepare, comprising 10 layers in total.

Delicately aromatic, gently infused with genuine pandan in every element - stripes of pandan agar-agar are homemade with pandan and santan, layered with pandan chiffon cake, coated in Wheat & Co's own pandan custard. An exceptional cake that everybody can enjoy.

Other popular cakes include the Fresh Cream Mango Cake, Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Cake, and Burnt Cheesecake.

Wheat & Co-34.jpg

Wheat & Co-48.jpgWheat & Co-49.jpg

Wheat & Co-47.jpg
Wheat & Co also showcases seasonal selections for special occasions.

The Mother’s Day Dessert Set (RM92) can be ordered throughout May - it comprises four one-of-a-kind creations, best consumed one by one in Wheat & Co's recommended order. A memorable alternative to conventional Mother's Day cakes!

Wheat & Co-27.jpg
Wheat & Co-40.jpg
Wheat & Co-26.jpg
Start with the zesty Daisy. This tantalising tart blossoms brightly with almond sponge that's tinged with Taiwanese red tea, topped with yellow guava-and-pear compote, encircled with mascarpone cheese beneath a film of osmanthus jelly. It’s complex with clean notes of nuts, fruits and flowers, awakening the palate with its uplifting fragrance.

Wheat & Co-39.jpg
Wheat & Co-24.jpg
Wheat & Co-32.jpg
Next, Vert: A chunky cube covered with green tea white chocolate, concealing separate sections of mouthwateringly moist Japanese Morihan Uji matcha joconde, cream cheese and raspberry ganache - a joyous journey of flavours and textures from one bite to another.

Wheat & Co-41.jpg
Wheat & Co-29.jpg
Wheat & Co-42.jpg
Wheat & Co-30.jpg
The Mango Pista is a colourful, playful pleasure, a vibrant version of Paris-Brest: Choux pastry thickly sandwiched with a green-and-yellow parade of pistachio praline and mango curd, cleansing the palate with its elegant nuttiness and nectarous sweetness.  

Wheat & Co-25.jpg
Wheat & Co-50.jpg
Finish with slow-baked Lemon Cheesecake, zingy and savoury all at once, dense but not cloying, bubbling up with basil-lime 'caviar' for a buoyant balance of citrusy herbaceousness, set on a crumbly crust of an almond cookie base. Absolutely not our average cheesecake.

Stay tuned to Wheat & Co for more seasonal surprises this year - in the near future, its founders hope to move to an even larger kitchen!

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Wheat & Co 
Pick-up available at 33, Jalan Cergas, Taman Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.