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Thursday, May 19, 2022

BreadFruits: Celebrating a decade of deliciousness at Hartamas' homey cafe for wholesome comfort





Ten years ago, BreadFruits first opened in Desa Sri Hartamas, offering its distinctive take on fresh, vibrant meals, bursting with wholesome, tasty ingredients. 

KL's cafe landscape has evolved endlessly since then, but BreadFruits remains committed to conscientiously crafted nourishment.

If you haven't been back to BreadFruits recently, this is a terrific time to return. 

The space looks better than ever - warmly wood-toned and welcoming within - with a wide range of well-balanced platters, spanning proteins to pastas, brunch favourites with real-food flair to coffee with a wild honey flourish.


BreadFruits now opens purely for breakfast and lunch - its antibiotic-free grilled Sakura pork loin chop has been a signature from the start, ideal for an afternoon mood-lifter, now served with pumpkin corn mash and apple pear glazed sweetly in Malaysia's northern rainforest Tualang honey. Alternatively, if you love lively, herbaceous flavours, order the rosemary pork chop partnered with a rich-textured risotto, fennel, sweet peas, green peas and cashew nuts.




Prefer poultry and fish? BreadFruits has you covered - its chicken is coated in a secret recipe of 12 herbs and spices, such as basil, mint and paprika, soulfully served with avocado, tomatoes and rocket leaves that evoke Mexican inspirations, while its classic fish and chips features moist, flaky lemon sole sourced from local fisheries, encased in a gentle batter, luscious with a lip-smacking, house-made tartar sauce.



Fans of robust seafood pastas will relish the aglio olio with herb-grilled tiger prawns, zesty with notes of lemon, while longtime BreadFruits enthusiasts will have fond memories of the flagship brunch pasta, hearty with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, rocket and a seven-minute egg, perfectly runny and peppery, slicked up in a light carbonara sauce for smooth comfort.



Indulging in brunches and sandwiches? 

BreadFruits makes the calories worthwhile with its SatisFry Up, a British-style serving of plump pork sausage with a choice of creamy scrambled eggs or a sunny-side-up, rounded out with sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, kitchen-mashed potatoes, rocket leaves and buttered toast, complete with coffee or tea and the juice of the day, and gorgeously toasted Grilled Cheese with bacon, tomatoes and rocket layered with melted cheddar.



Even the beverages are brilliantly nutrient-dense for the body and spirit. Have a latte infused nectarously with wild honey or the BreadFruits creation of passion fruit juice blended with wild honey. Various juices for detox, healing and energising purposes are also available, concocted with 100% fruits and vegetables with no sugar or artificial flavourings.






17, Jalan 26/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. 
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-3pm. Tel: 03-6211-4802

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Afloat Coffee Roaster, Bukit Jalil

Bukit Jalil's cafe fans will warmly welcome Afloat Coffee Roaster next week, slated to open 24 May, helmed by husband-and-wife team Jimmy and Leng Leng, two baristas with nearly a decade of experience in KL's coffee scene. 

This discreet destination seeks to offer a soothing sense of space and serenity, in a secluded second-floor setting with a leafy view overlooking the neighbourhood's fields.

Take a seat by the balcony to calm your mind, or chat with Jimmy at the brew bar while he makes your coffee, relying on Afloat's own-roasted single-origin beans (try the rich, chocolaty Guatemalan for a full-bodied flat white). 

Afloat Coffee Roaster
2-15-1, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei: Diving deeper for oysters, lobsters & more Peruvian Nikkei pearls

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-58.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-29.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-30.jpg

In scarcely six months, Sushi Mastro Nikkei has stamped its mark as KL's new purveyor of Peruvian-style Nikkei cuisine, with a wide variety of fresh seafood jazzed and juiced up with Japanese and South American influences.

Now, Sushi Mastro Nikkei is diving even deeper into this gastronomic genre, surfacing with everything from oysters to lobsters, made memorable with marvellous marinades, spiced up with vibrant peppers and vivid sauces.

We return this month to experience Sushi Mastro Nikkei's new menu, as bright and colourful as a summertime scene, spanning soups to salads, sashimi to skewers and sushi rolls.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-12.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-27.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-10.jpg

Start with three appetite-whetting wonders that wholesomely represent South American influences.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei does justice to the art of ceviche, South America's quintessential raw seafood dish that originated in Peru. The kitchen harnesses Malaysian-sourced barramundi slaughtered via the Japanese ikejime humane method, cured in the classic citrus-based leche de tigre marinade for a gently acidic spiciness, complete with cashews, habaneros and cilantro for a bowl that's brimming with zing, zest and zip (RM40). 

Fun fact: Quinoa was also first cultivated for consumption in Peru, about 4,000 years ago. Sushi Mastro Nikkei's contemporary use of this crop is sprinkled into a sprightly salad, a medley of mixed leaves, finished with feta cheese and ginger dressing for plenty of punch in a guilt-free, nutrient-dense ensemble (RM28).

Also new to the menu is the Mastro Nikkei Soup - tiger prawns, wild scallops, asari clams and white fish are simmered with a house-blended paste of aji amarillo yellow chilli peppers, yielding a unique seafood soup with a flavoursome, sweet-savoury heat in every sip (RM30).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-15.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-16.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-17.jpg

Fans of seared or smoked starters can share the Akami Tataki, distinctively Nikkei with Japanese bluefin tuna dressed not only with ponzu sauce but quinoa, chilli and cilantro for richly nuanced dynamics (RM48), and the Smoked Duck Carpaccio, relying on top-notch Taiping duck breast showered in earthy sesame dressing with Parmesan and pine nuts (RM28).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-19.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-20.jpg

Playfully peckish? Snack on the Nikkei Tuna Satay, showcasing the succulence of Borneo yellowfin tuna with jalapeño salsa and sriracha sauce, bringing together South American and Southeast Asian spices on each stick (RM24 for three skewers).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-21.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-22.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei's servings are perfect for two or three patrons to relish together.

The Sashimi Surtidas (RM158) is an irresistible platter of eight types of assorted fish and seafood, featuring two cuts each - the confident certainties comprise Penang-bred, ikejime-slaughtered siakap, golden snapper and malabar grouper, clean-tasting and fleshy, while other possibilities include Hokkaido scallops, salmon, hamachi, hon maguro akami and otoro.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-25.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-26.jpg

Sashimi-grade Japanese Harima oysters receive the Nikkei treatment too, with a tasty tang from ponzu salsa that emboldens the natural, pristine purity of these oysters (RM50 for three; RM95 for six).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-34.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-31.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-33.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei's uramaki is a safe, crowd-pleasing bet - with eight different ones to pick from, there's something for everyone, sometimes laced with salsa for South American vibes, from the meat-free Tamago Avocado Uramaki with tamago, avocado, kampyo, cream cheese and mango salsa (RM20) to the seafood enthusiast's Spicy Salmon Uramaki, smooth with salmon tartare, tomato salsa and alfalfa sprouts (RM30), and Kani Tobiko Uramaki, crunchy with soft-shell crab, tobiko and kyuri julienne, fired up with thick, tempting hot sauce (RM28).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-43.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-44.jpg

For visual beauty on a plate, the Scallop and Seabass is a striking should-try: Hokkaido scallops and ikejime seabass are artistically adorned with aji amarillo sauce, quinoa, edible flowers and truffle oil (RM58) - the result tastes as dramatically multi-dimensional as it looks. 

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-52.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-53.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-55.jpg

Also looking lust-worthy is the Ikejime Barramundi, pan-seared to a crisp-skinned tenderness and placed on crunchy potatoes and quinoa, poured over with a lemony Nikkei sauce to brighten up the chunky, flaky fish - a fun way to enjoy the best of local barramundi (RM52).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-50.jpg

Crustaceans come next, the climax of a captivating feast.

The Sabah Nikkei Lobster is the mighty, majestic pride of the kitchen - wild green lobster with a bouncy, full-bodied juiciness, dressed in the unmistakably sunny-yellow aji amarillo sauce and scrambled eggs over crispy potatoes and quinoa, for a riot of triumphant textures in a poised, photogenic presentation (RM142).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-36.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-38.jpg

The Tigre Mentai Batayaki (RM32 per piece) also surfaces from the seas off Sabah - a tiger prawn of regal size and stature, enveloped in a decadent mix of mentaiko and torched mozzarella cheese, tasting lavishly buttery, perhaps the single most sinful recipe at Sushi Mastro Nikkei.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-45.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-47.jpg

In pursuit of more prawns? Try the Patata Langostino, blanketed in the kitchen's addictive aji amarillo sauce, cushioned with sweet potatoes and quail eggs for sheer comfort fare (RM48).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-40.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-41.jpg

If you crave carbs to complement the seafood, Sushi Mastro Nikkei does a delicious Garlic Fried Rice, traditional and time-honoured, satisfyingly studded with egg and garlic (RM12).

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-62.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-61.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei has only one dessert on its menu - not matcha ice cream, not mochi, but an indulgently sumptuous Graham Cake (RM20) - soft layers of mild cream cheese mingling with fruits over crumbly crackers, immediately rekindling our inner child.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-65.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-63.jpg

Non-alcoholic mocktails are another reason to revisit Sushi Mastro Nikkei, as the repertoire continues to be fine-tuned with fruits and flair - sip on the Sandia Jengibre (watermelon with pandan and ginger),  Brisa Fresca (orange with pineapple, peach and soda), Fresco Mango (fresh mango with spiced syrup, lime and soda) and Pepino Asam Boi (cucumber and celery with lime and asam boi) for coolers that promise citrusy, plummy, perky pleasure.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-6.jpg

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-3.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-5.jpgSushi Mastro Nikkei-7.jpg

With a leafy, tropical-themed setting that includes an alfresco first-floor terrace, Sushi Mastro Nikkei is an inviting space for everything from family get-togethers to first dates, a 15-minute drive from Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Sushi Mastro Nikkei-4.jpg
Sushi Mastro Nikkei-8.jpg
Sushi Mastro Nikkei
Unit 1-1, First Floor, Fortune Centra, Jalan Metro Perdana 6, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-3pm; 6pm-10pm. 

Pick-up and home delivery services also available. Tel: 012-312-4112  

Table Booking, Pick Up & Delivery: