Eat Drink KL: Mackzack Oatchies: Granola Goodness for Convenient Breakfasts

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Mackzack Oatchies: Granola Goodness for Convenient Breakfasts

When a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef collaborates with a 35-year-old respected breakfast producer, the result is granola that takes your morning nourishment to the next level. 

Mackzack Oatchies offers a range of different granola-based products conceived by Malaysian chef Zack that hit the spot for not only for health and hygiene but convenience and cheerfulness. You can now purchase these online at - until 13 January 2021, you'll receive a store voucher of 10% off for a minimum purchase of RM5.

The Mackzack Oatchies Granola 12 offers the complete breakfast package - open up the large, appealingly presented 450-gram bag and you'll find 10 sachets (each equally portioned at 45 grams, easy to fit into your hand) that you can use on the go, perfect if you're in a rush to kick off your day or need a snack if you can't fit in a full meal in your busy schedule. 

The sachets are neatly wrapped in bags that can be made compact for delivery, ideal as gifts of appreciation for family or friends. The Perak-based factory that makes this is run by B Plus Q Sdn Bhd, which has cultivated a respectable reputation for numerous products since the 1980s - it is HAACP, GMP, MESTI, ISO and halal-certified, so the safety of its offerings is assured.

Pop the sachet open and out comes a naturally colourful medley of oats, raisins, dried kiwi fruit, dried apricots, millet, buckwheat, almonds, and various types of rice - a generous combination of 12 types of grains and three fruits of distinctive textures that crackle and crunch together, with both savoury and sweet flavours. This is a premium selection that upholds nutritionists' recommendations to consume as many types of ingredients as possible throughout the day for a balanced diet.

Perfectly portioned to be portable, you can have this on its own, wherever you are, or pair it with milk and other recipes. It's also available in a cranberry variation that substitutes the apricot with dried cranberries. Both taste like well-rounded breakfast solutions - a 450-gram bag of 10 sachets costs RM45, but individual sachets are also available at RM4.50 each.

For families who love granola and oats, you can also purchase big, resealable bags of Mackzack Granola Oats and Cranberry Oats for RM28 each, convenient to store and consume over an extended period of time.

The Granola Oats feel like a truly substantial meal, sweet and nutty with plenty of oats, plus desiccated coconut, rice, corn, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, rock sugar and brown sugar, while the Cranberry Oats substitutes the desiccated coconut with dried cranberries, for a zesty uplift that promises the fruity fragrance of cranberries as soon as you open the bag.

Complete your experience with the Oatchies Organic Oatmilk (RM58 for 550 grams), a blend of non-GMO soya bean powder with 23 different grains, including a range of organic oats, organic millet, rice and wild rice. Simply add the mix to warm water and stir well for fast sustenance - this makes for a lovely dairy-free accompaniment to the Oatchies granola too.

All in all, Mackzack Oatchies showcases considerate products that are brilliant for busy households and can also double as thoughtful gifts for your health-conscious loved ones.

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