Eat Drink KL: Golden Bites Durian Cheesecakes & Duurio Durian Crepes

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Golden Bites Durian Cheesecakes & Duurio Durian Crepes

Golden Bites’ Mini Durian Cheesecakes bring together the king of fruits and the perennially popular cake in one strikingly doughnut-shaped dessert. 

The topping is reputedly a blend of 70% organic durian and 30% cheese - it's vibrantly aromatic and unmistakably ripe and pulpy, smoothened out somewhat with the cheese.

This might look like a doughnut, but it’s cheesecake through and through, with a crispy-crumbly base that complements the creamy star of the show. When we ordered earlier this year, a box of four Mini Durian Cheesecakes went for RM56.90. To order, WhatsApp 017-848-1249

Golden Bites:

Promising three varieties of durian crepes, Duurio is a triple threat for durian devotees, who'll likely love these plump pancakes packed with cream and either D24 or Musang King fruit.

The basic Durian Crepe is a standout, layered with dense cream and potent, pulpy-textured durian inside a thin crepe (RM15). The Durian Pandan Crepe is equally enjoyable, made extra-Malaysian with its fragrant pandan-infused crepe skin (RM15).

Duurio's bestselling novelty is the Durian Crepe Cheese Leleh, flaked with cheese on top for a savoury-sweet indulgence that works wonderfully (RM18). These crepes come in packs meant to be frozen; leave them at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before serving.

WhatsApp 013-209-1870