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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Joshijosh Events & Catering: Christmas 2020 Delivery Menu

Whole turkeys and lamb legs, slow-roasted to succulent perfection; Greenlandic wild-caught halibut, classic cottage pies, scones, bundt cakes and Yule logs: Celebrate Christmas with your family at home with the work of a Swiss-trained chef who brings a decade of culinary passion to the table.

Despite the difficulties of 2020, Joshijosh Events & Caterings has prepared a year-end menu to capture the spirit of communal cheer with loved ones. Chu Joshua, the founder, owner and head chef of Joshijosh, has been an avid cook since he was seven, helping out in his household kitchen before pursuing his studies in hotel management in Switzerland. At 21, he launched his own cafe at Empire Shopping Gallery and then pivoted into catering services, which has been his forte for the past 10 years.

Joshua and his team promise a top-notch experience for customers who entrust their feast to Joshijosh, a halal-certified company (no alcohol is included in any of these dishes). If you're seeking a meal to remember, here are eight of Joshijosh's top Christmas recommendations.

Note: Early bird prices are applicable for orders placed by 17 December.

Make your Christmas meal complete with Joshijosh's Whole Christmas Turkey (RM370; early bird special price at RM320). The recipe has been handed down to Joshua from his mother, who in turn learned it from her friend who lived in London for two decades. Joshua has perfected the recipe to an immaculate degree, thanks to his meticulous method of brining the turkey for two days, then steaming it, and finally roasting it for at least three hours. 

The result: Turkey meat that's so moist, it's almost uncharacteristic of the typical Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey, which tends to be much drier. 

This gorgeous six-kilogram turkey boasts a chestnut stuffing and comes with a side salad, a house-made cranberry sauce, and a brown sauce made mainly from the turkey’s own jus.

Like the turkey, the Whole Lamb Leg (RM210; early bird price RM180) also undergoes a painstaking cooking process to lock in its juiciness. The chefs take at least one-third of an entire day to prepare this lamb, as it’s sous-vided for five hours and roasted for at least three more. The lamb is partnered with Joshijosh's own-blended mint sauce, plus garlic bread and roasted potatoes for carb companions.

Lasagna for Christmas? Joshijosh makes it a smash hit for this season - the secret to the Classic In-House Chicken Lasagna (RM25) is the homemade tomato sauce, crafted from fresh local tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, layered with American cheese. With no processed tomatoes, artificial flavourings or additional sugar, this is the most naturally lip-smacking lasagna. It's also on the regular menu - the lasagna has become so popular among clients, Joshijosh served 1,500 portions in a single recent week!

Santa’s reindeer are also in town, bringing seven different full-course platter meals from Joshijosh. 

The Dasher Set (RM72) showcases wild-caught halibut from the waters of Greenland, oven-grilled in Malaysia to shine the light on its pure, pristine flavours. This mouthwatering main course is teamed up with Traditional Beef Cottage Pie and Creamy Pumpkin Soup (made with mashed roasted pumpkin, cooked with fresh cream). The box also features baked vegetables, corn on the cob, and house-made red velvet cupcake with Christmas frosting.

The Rudolph Set (RM55) promises a two-day brined Whole Chicken Thigh that elevates the essence of poultry, paired with smoked turkey slices. You'll also find one of KL's most thoughtfully conceived mushroom soups, a recipe refined for the past decade, made with two kinds of mushrooms, pure cream and onions, rounded out with garlic bread. It's a hearty set indeed, with lasagna, mashed potatoes, baked vegetables, fresh coral lettuce, and a sticky date pudding with butter sauce in the ensemble.

Speaking of sticky date desserts, the Sticky Date Bundt (RM69; early bird price RM58) is a larger, more aesthetically impressive rendition of the version in the Rudolph set. The recipe also runs in the family, introduced to Joshua by his wife, made from Palestinian dates, luscious with butterscotch sauce. This eight-inch temptation weighs in at almost one kilogram, so save space in your fridge for it!

The White Chocolate Peppermint Yule Log (RM94) is the Christmas perennial that's beautifully reinterpreted, with pure white chocolate ganache blanketing a fluffy chocolate peppermint cake. It's a multi-textured sensation!

Last but certainly not least in our hearts in is the Enchanted Dessert Box (RM63), which yields the buttery magic of Classic English Scones with house-made cranberry jam, inspired by Joshua’s trips to Cameron Highlands. The Rich Chocolate Brownie is another staple in Joshua's arsenal, which he has been serving to loyal customers for 10 years. Other fan favourites in the box include the Sticky Date Loaf, Fruit Cake Loaf, Christmas Cupcakes, and Dark Chocolate Tart topped with fresh berries.

The full extent of Joshijosh’s Christmas menu can be ordered from AirAsia Food at

Other Christmas highlights include more sets named after Santa's other reindeer, pineapple turkey ham, and red velvet cake. Joshijosh's regular selection also includes Malaysian and Japanese dishes, frozen meals, various desserts and drinks.

Joshijosh also offers other ways of sending your Christmas love to family and friends, including customised gifts like mugs, notepads and loaves. 

In addition, Joshijosh’s events and catering services remain available. It’s a full-fledged service, inclusive of waiters, delivery, carving, chinaware and cleaning. The team stands ready for pretty much any event, from corporate to education gigs, to long-term contracts with firms, to wedding planning and other special occasions. 

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