Eat Drink KL: Kenkori Eggs: Bringing a brilliant burst of Japanese-inspired eggs to creative cafe meals

Friday, December 3, 2021

Kenkori Eggs: Bringing a brilliant burst of Japanese-inspired eggs to creative cafe meals

If you've ever visited a popular local cafe and marvelled at its egg dishes, blessed with beautifully bright orange yolks and rich, oozy lusciousness, you might have experienced Kenkori Eggs, a respected Malaysian brand that specialises in farm-fresh eggs inspired by Japanese agricultural techniques.

It's no surprise that an increasing number of top cafes and restaurants in the Klang Valley now rely on Kenkori eggs for extra allure. These eggs make any recipe pop, thanks to their naturally deep colour - whether for a brunch favourite, a pasta speciality, a modern rice bowl, or even cakes and pastries, Kenkori eggs are a vibrant, valuable addition to a chef's arsenal.

Kenkori Eggs' founders are a Malaysian family that started raising about 50 chickens in a small open farm in Perak in 1984. They embarked into Japanese-inspired farming in 2002, expanding with a passion for premium, sustainably nurtured eggs. 

The eggs don't just look and taste great. They're as wholesome as eggs get, a potent source of anti-ageing astaxanthin and gut-healthy probiotics, free of antibiotics and hormones, with trusted certifications by veterinary and environmental authorities.

If you're looking for these eggs, here are some places to encounter Kenkori eggs. Images below are courtesy of the outlets.

Kenkori eggs make pasta more pleasurable at Kaffe 16. Check them out at

Whether you're three years old or thirty years old, you're sure to enjoy Kenkori eggs at Three Years Old Cafe:

Kenkori eggs with waffles are an eggs-cellent combination at Poppy Kat Cafe:

Omurice speciality Omulab knows its eggs - so it uses Kenkori eggs to elegantly creamy effect:

Curee's garlicky fried rice blanketed in Kenkori egg omelette with Japanese curry is irresistibly comforting:

Various Japanese restaurants also harness the goodness of Kenkori eggs, such as Uo Sho for its gyudon:

Unagi in a Kenkori egg tamago was among the summer season highlights at Hagi Japanese Cuisine this year:

Rice bowls are attractively appetising with Kenkori eggs at Kitchen Wakamiya:

Cafes in other cities are also turning to Kenkori eggs, such as Penang's Forest Canteen:

Find out which other eateries offer Kenkori eggs here:

Kenkori eggs can also be conveniently purchased at a wide range of key retailers, from Don Don Donki to iFruits Market. 

Find the list of retailers for the Klang Valley here:

Kenkori eggs are easy to prepare at home, for fast, fuss-free nourishment or an elaborate, cafe-worthy recipe. Kenkori's own Asian-influenced recipes include Tamago Kake Gohan and Scrambled Egg Kimbap, but these eggs are exceptional for everything from Western breakfast toasts to burgers. You can even consume them raw for the pure, perfect protein source.

To discover more about Kenkori eggs, follow them at: 

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