Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ril's Steakhouse

Returning to Ril's. Earlier entries: Sept. 29, Sept. 30 & Oct. 4.

Ril's Steakhouse has stepped up its business-boosting efforts in recent weeks; customers who come in between 4:30pm-8:30pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays, receive free steak sandwiches. Small eaters can easily fill themselves on these, bursting with beef strips & caramelized onions.

We weren't around for most of the 1970s, but here's a culinary classic from that decade: a cocktail of plump, fresh-tasting prawns, served in a martini glass with Marie-Rose sauce & peppery leaves. Wonderful for whetting the appetite.

Fowl at its finest: chicken stewed in white wine, then pan-fried & partnered with a sweet potato pancake. Stunningly succulent, fabulously flavorful.

Tomato-&-red onion salad with red wine vinegar & parsley vinaigrette. Hopping aboard the weekend champagne brunch bandwagon, Ril's has launched RM198++ free-flow fizzy Sunday affairs starting this month, featuring live music for what it hopes will create a cool 1920s vibe.

A reminder: Ril's shares a Chinatown shop lot with The Warehouse Gallery's art cafe, which serves one mean beef burger _ as satisfying as any processed meat that a hot-blooded carnivore might sink his teeth into.

Sandwiches made to order are also an attraction. Rye bread stuffed with smoked chicken & mixed salad is heavy but healthy (we hope!).

Sticky toffee pudding, dense & rich-tasting. Let's mention one final promo: Friday & Saturday three-course RM60++ set lunches, featuring intriguing recipes like rump steak with tea-&-mushroom risotto & lotus root chips.

Speaking of tea, here's a one-of-a-kind blend, both spicy & boozy, laced with tequila, chili, cayenne, tamarind, ginger & palm sugar.

DB Selection Semillon Chardonnay, 2009. Available by the glass, carafe & bottle.

Crazysexycool cocktails: Banana Cake (rum, kahlua, banana, coconut milk, cinnamon), alongside Dark & Stormy (dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime).

Caffe mocha, a brew that's worth the wait.

Macchiato. As a side note, we've drunk more coffee in 2011 compared to the past previous five years combined. Can't say we're caffeine connoisseurs yet, but we hope to get there!

Ril's Steakhouse & The Warehouse Gallery Cafe,
198, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2022-0528


  1. Hooray for drinking more coffee in 2011! :D

    And it's a beautiful gallery... very modern, yet very retro at the same time. Love the petai painting! :D

  2. kenny: i'd still choose a liquor rush over a caffeine buzz though! :D ooooh, i keep forgetting to check how much all the paintings cost. i'm gonna guess RM300 apiece. slightly cheaper than the priciest steaks at prime =)

  3. i always have this feeling that cocktail shrimp is really really cliched for some reason...

  4. I've seen this place! And was wondering about it...glad you are blogging about it. Gonna hit that place as soon as I am back and settled down with my regular life.

    Prawns served in a martini glass is always appetising. especially with its own natural colour.

    Caramelised onions + steak + buttered bread = magic steak sandwich
    that is one simple looking sandwich but i can see the awesomeness. Steak sandwich come to momma!

  5. I would prefer a wall filled with Chinese calligraphy paintings done by Devil though, if only I can persuade him to do some.

    And I believe you are currently trying to strike a balance between alcohol and caffeine with your recent spate of coffee-infused booze (or is it the other way round), ja?

  6. Yeah. Coffee + alcohol! Win win liddat. :) you get to enjoy both at the same time :)

  7. That prawn cocktail totally blew my mind! In fact, so did everything I've seen written about this place so far! I think I may start my affair with this place with the upcoming weekend brunch... nothing like a free-flow fizzy bang to begin proper proceedings!

  8. Actually I was expecting a blogpost abt La Vie En Rose since I heard u were there yest as their first customer :P

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed this post very much too!

  9. Michelle: heheh, yeah, it's a cliched classic, i guess. but when done right, it's delicious! :D
    Missyblurkit: i hope everything settles down for you soon =) yeah, i really hope the food quality at ril's steakhouse remains strong. i really enjoyed my first few visits here, but i have a nagging feeling that consistency might be a problem in the future. call it a hunch, heh =)

  10. Kenny: ooooh, but you're supposed to be in the midst of painting something too, rite. hope we'll get a glimpse of that soon :D hmmm, booze-infused anything sounds like a good idea. even booze-infused plain water would be nice =)
    J: yay for win-win situations! but if 2011 is my year of the coffee, i wonder if 2012 might be my year of the tea, heeheeeee :D

  11. Min: heheh, the only thing i fear about sunday champagne brunches is not being able to recover by monday! gosh, this is why we need a three-day weekend! :D
    Baby Sumo: thanks for the kind words, i appreciate them =) but ya, the post for la vie en rose will be up next (combined with another place!). i hope it'll be worth the wait! :D

  12. haha you know what? That chinese tea pot reminds me of the teapots that they used in the chinese wedding tea ceremony. lol

  13. eiling: heheh, ya, u're right, it actually looks kinda oriental! interesting design, though i prefer the plain-colored teapots :D

  14. Consistency might be a problem in the future? Ooopsss...I better head there soon for some good tasting ones quickly:P

  15. missyblurkit: yeah, i kinda suspect that business here might not be as strong as the owners had hoped for. not sure if that will result in a slide in quality...

  16. Glad u enjoyed the chicken casserole n sticky toffee pudding :)

    Inconsistency in d future?...dreadful... need to give them more reasons to avoid tat :)

    I've gotta try d mean-looking burger with a cuppa Illy soon :D

  17. its a quaint location...i sure hope its stays strong:D

  18. Ulric: yeah, i hope they update or expand their menu soon. it's good that they focus on quality instead of quantity, but i've tried most of the menu already by now =)
    Missyblurkit: yeah, i'm glad they opened here, cos it gave me the chance to explore KL's chinatown district a bit. it's an area that i've neglected for years :D

  19. HHmmm.. business problem eh?
    That''s probably why they are stepping up on the promos..

  20. Rebecca: oh, i'm only speculating/guessing though. on my most recent dinner, on a weekday, there were about 4-5 occupied tables. not bad at all, but still could be better, i guess =)

  21. Hi I'm one of the owners of Ril's - we love your blog and we're always excited when you come to visit :) Just wanted to reassure everyone though - the menu will be updated and expanded soon (by next week) - we were just starting slowly to see what the demand was like. Business is actually way *better* then we had expected, which is why we are opening for lunch and brunch as well, to cater to demand - so fingers crossed there will be no problem with quality control - but we are always really keen to get feedback, which is why we follow all the blogs (that and cos we are greedy and love going to KL restaurants!)
    Sean - did you get our email inviting you to a tasting evening? The chef is trying out a menu of much more innovative, high end dishes and we have about 10 bloggers coming next Tuesday to try it out. We'd love you to be there, as you have supported Rils from the beginning.
    Anyway, thanks everyone for the support - we are really pleased at how its all going so far and we want to keep improving so we really value your feedback.

  22. Laurie: thanks for dropping the note, very much appreciated. i've enjoyed all my visits to ril's and the warehouse, and i definitely hope you guys will be around for a long time. i've received the email, and i haven't replied yet, but it looks like i won't be able to make it, but i'm sure the other bloggers will have a great time :D

  23. Thanks Sean! Sorry you can't make it but hope to see you again soon. Cheers :)