Eat Drink KL: Tommy Le Baker & PH Pastry House

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tommy Le Baker & PH Pastry House

For fans of bread & cakes, here's a double dose of destinations for us to pursue pastry passions & abandon Atkins aspirations.

First up, Tommy Le Baker, a small bakery-cafe hidden in a Sentul apartment block, run by a Malaysian-born pastry chef who honed his craft in France.

Tommy Le Baker's specialties include baguettes & sourdough bread, but we only tried his tarts. This apple confection was a joy _ flaky & full of ripe fruit.

Banana tart, warmed up on order. Respectably moist, not overly sugary.

Latte & caffe mocha. Steaming-hot beverages might not have been the wisest order at an outlet that lacks air-conditioning.

Tommy's credentials _ an assurance that standards here are high.

Next, we return to PH PastryHouse, focusing purely on carbs for this round.
Earlier entry on PH PastryHouse: November 14.

Whatever we've sampled so far from PH Pastry's bread selection has been supremely satisfying _ aromatic rosemary raisin bread & an enjoyably crusty walnut cranberry loaf.

Our first time trying this dessert dubbed the "Concorde," created by a Parisian chef in the 1970s to celebrate the plane of the same name. Constructed with creamy Manjari chocolate mousse & crispy meringue for a top-flight interplay of textures.

A melding of French & Italian sensibilities: Chocolate & hazelnut mousse, encased in almond macaron shells. Imagine the flavor of Ferrero Rocher, presented in a uniquely different fashion.

Raspberry panna cotta, remarkably soft & smooth. Impossible to share.

Green tea cake. Fresh & flavorsome _ what more can we demand of dessert?

Milkshakes bring all of us to the yard: Intrinseco (coffee vanilla) & Foresta Nera (choc cherry).

Tommy Le Baker,
Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh (opposite KLPAC), Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tues-Sun, 10am till evening.
Tel: 03-4043-2546

PH PastryHouse,
54, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2141-2208


  1. Love Tommy Le Baker's banana tart. Always a must with his banana bread made from wholemeal flour which he gets from the nearby flour mill

  2. the foam is spilling out in one of the cups! :D

  3. Boo_licious: oooh, sounds like he really goes the extra mile to get healthier, more wholesome ingredients. and i guess it does make a difference in the final product :D
    Michelle: ooops, i didn't spot that until you mentioned it. heheh, i wonder if that much foam is a good or bad thing =)

  4. Ohh the banana tart looks so good! I can almost smell it! Hehe.. and I'm a sucker for green tea cakes, I'm definitely heading to this pH place soon! :)

  5. Iamthewitch: heheh, I usually don't really have much of a sweet tooth, but nearly everything we tried at these two places was irresistible. Made me almost wish I could bake my own pastries :D

  6. Carbs like they were always meant to be! Atkins, pbbffffttt!! Hey, did you recently get a tooth replaced by a sweet one? I sense almost a growing fondness towards all things sugared! :-P

  7. Min: heh, very perceptive! i've definitely savored more sugar than steaks this past month. i must report though, based on my burgeoning waistline, that carbs do take much more of a toll on one's weight than good old-fashioned meat :D

  8. Love that almond banana tart!
    Guess what? I am editing those photos from Tommy Le Baker too! LOL

  9. Green tea cake and banana tart looks sooooo good!

  10. CK: ooo, heheh, looking forward to seeing those photos (and all the other photos too!):D
    Baby Sumo: oh yeah, I'd definitely recommend those items for any dessert lovers! :D

  11. I absolutely adore Tommy's banana good. and hs bread loafs are yummy too

  12. Qwazymonkey: I gotta go back for the bread loaves someday! Hear the sourdough stuff is addictive, heheh =)

  13. oh my!
    More bakeries for me to explore .. yea!

  14. TNG: these ones should be fun to explore! Interesting parts of town :D

  15. wow must really go look for this pastry house. everything looks so good!

  16. eiling: yeah, it's a hidden gem in imbi! :D

  17. PH Pastry House is yet another gem in the Jalan Utara area of KL. The rosemary raisin bread is simply delightful and flavourful. I love it with a good cup of tea.

  18. Missyblurkit: yeah, I actually wasn't planning to buy any bread from PH, but the owner gave us some complimentary ones, including the raisin rosemary. Addictive! :D

  19. abandon Atkins aspirations.. nevah! But can add these pastry indulgences once in awhile laaaa :P nice shots sean.

  20. ciki: thanks! yeah, you're right, life would be more bland without the freedom to indulge at times! :D