Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Estate by BIG

The birth of this new gastrolounge, swathed in sexy shadows, heralds virgin territory for the busy birds & bees of the BIG Group.

Estate at The Intermark blends a bevy of influences into one establishment; if Ben's, La Bodega & The Library engaged in a ménage à trois, this might be the offspring _ a love child that inherits its parents' best traits (yes, all three of them, genetically impossible as that may seem).

Estate's forte is British pub grub, hooking customers up with everything from fish & chips to roast beef & Yorkshire pudding. But there's also haute cuisine, embodied in the sensual embrace of truffle-poached egg with Parmigiano-Reggiano & mushrooms on soft polenta (RM29.90++).

For even more carbs & cholesterol, this starter of egg & pillow-soft melted cheese on a bed of thick, toasty bread sprinkled with truffle oil (RM19.90++) might serve as culinary foreplay to set pulses racing and libidos roaring.

Earthiness assured: pizza voluptuously topped with sauteed wild mushrooms, mascarpone & truffle oil (RM35.90++). The truffle oil component could be more potent, but this is nevertheless nicely emblematic of BIG's "cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan" approach to opening eateries.

Working up a sweat in our truffle triathlon with these smoldering-hot fries (RM15.90++), impregnated with the perfume of truffles. Estate's prices are steep _ but justifiably so _ compared to most of its BIG siblings. A three-course meal here can easily exceed RM100.

Cheeseburger with shoestring fries, arugula & white balsamic dressing (RM79.90++). The inside of the Wagyu 5 patty was excellent, with lovably luscious hand-cut beef. But both the patty & sesame bun suffered from an excessively charred flavor on the outside.

Beer butt chicken (RM79.90++), with an open can of beer stuffed into the fowl's behind while it's being roasted, resulting in monumentally mouthwatering meat that makes us thankful that not all forms of posterior penetration are criminalized.

The chicken is chopped up for convenient consumption & partnered with duck fat roasted potatoes, gravy & bread sauce. This raunchy recipe is also available at Huck's Cafe in Bangsar.

Be tickled pink by this tangy twist on the strawberry sundae, featuring a fresh strawberry salad topped with raspberry granita, strawberry & lychee sorbets & rose meringue.

Sticky date pudding with homemade vanilla ice cream & toffee sauce. Warm comfort _ moist but not stodgy, sweetly flavored but not sickeningly sugary.

Bathing in the afterglow of a Cranswick Lakefield Cabernet Merlot. Alas, only one red wine is offered, a stark contrast to Estate's exhaustive beer list.

Cocktails are unavailable at Estate, so customers have to head next door to Tate for a climactic concoction like this classic Aviation (tanqueray 10 gin, maraschino liquor, lemon juice).

For fans of live music, Estate will likely have bands performing here starting at 9pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays. At other times, expect to hear the likes of Florence + The Machine blasting on the speakers.

All things considered, a sultry hangout for a swinging night out.

P.S. BIG is still sowing more wild oats at The Intermark, with at least two more outlets that offer interesting concepts to open in this building. Next month: EST.

The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Battle of the Beer Butts...Huck's vs Estate...I let u decide?...hehe

    Prices r quite steep here :(

  2. Wow sure a lot of truffle oil involved here. :P

    Btw the pizza is the same one in BGFS and the cheeseburger looks similar to the one in PLan B except prices are higher?

  3. Ulric: oh, i've actually only tried Huck's regular roast chicken so far. i haven't tried his beer-butt chicken yet, though i'm supposed to, one of these days. i'm betting it'll be just as satisfying as Estate's version =)
    Baby Sumo: ya, you're definitely right, there's some overlap in Estate's menu with other BIG outlets. the truffle fries here are also found on Plan B's supper menu. but i think at least 70 percent of Estate's food selection is still only available here. including the priciest salad in town: a roughly RM120 poached lobster salad :D

  4. Oh my.. i like this post.

    "cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan"
    "that makes us thankful that not all forms of posterior penetration are criminalized."

    Hahahhah :P

  5. You certainly have the most spacious stomach in Malaysia! Hehe
    We should swap hobbies!! :))

  6. Huck's Christmas n New Year menu looks mighty interesting though...drool-worthy imo :D

  7. How on earth do you know about all these new places? Do you have like access to SSM's database and everytime someone opens a new restaurant sdn bhd you get to know about it?

  8. Omg I just noticed something. In the month of November alone you have posted 29 blog posts. Meaning everyday you eat out at restaurants!

  9. Wait, is it really called 'beer butt chicken'? LOL

  10. @Rad: Oh yes he does. It oughta be "Eat Drink KL Every Day", yes? :D

  11. Yes! "Eat Drink Out KL Every Day" to be more exact
    And I will start a new blog named "Eat Drink Mostly At Home YOG Every Day"


  12. wargh how many restaurants does BIG have now?

  13. TNG: thank you for reading. it was enjoyable to write (well, most of it) :D
    Rad: heheh, i'm not sure what your hobbies are, but if they include exploring volcanoes, i'm not sure i wanna swap, heh :D and home-cooked indonesian food probably tastes as satisfying as restaurant food anyway! i love a good gado-gado, yeah =)
    Ulric: yeah, huck is definitely whipping up something special to ensure a memorable celebration :D

  14. Michelle: that's true! but luckily, most of their outlets are worth visiting =)
    Timing: heheh, i wish i had that access! it would make things much easier. but no, it's mainly about just visiting places and seeing what's under renovation or construction =)

  15. Kenny: the menu calls it something safe like 'beer roasted whole chicken,' but if you google it, the popular name for the recipe is definitely 'beer butt chicken' :D
    KY: at this rate, they might have more outlets than A&W, Burger King and Wendy's combined, by next year! :D

  16. I wonder how that translates into Malay - "ayam panggang punggung arak"? APPA? :P

  17. My hobbies include eating as well. But not at restaurants every night lol

    Speaking of eating, I feel like having my favorite animal of all (to eat!) which is chicken!

  18. Kenny...it's more like 'ayam panggang bir punggung'...hahaha :D

  19. wah this is definitely a must-visit place. The next big hit in KL dining scene perhaps?

  20. Kenny & Ulric: got no formal malay translation lah. you all have to invent your own. as well as chinese translation, if you must :P
    Rad: oh, i have to eat out cos i have no cooking equipment at home, and there's no one to cook for me too, heheh :D i hope you had some good chicken for lunch though. i'm a fan of ayam penyet =)
    Eiling: not too sure yet! the competition among restaurants in the city center is really heating up! :D

  21. I also like Ayam Penyet! But I long for my favorite lemon chicken at one kopitiam in Singapore...

  22. I m also an ayam penyet fan but the fiery sambal always makes me xplode :P

  23. Rad: ah, i haven't tried that in singapore before! that does sound like an unusual dish to find at a kopitiam. our kopitiams in KL would mainly do regular fried chicken :D
    Ulric: oh, i usually eat only a tiny bit of the sambal. i prefer the malay nasi lemak sambal or the nyonya sambal belacan =)

  24. I know. I couldn't always find a lemon chicken stall in every kopitiam. I have one specific one of my favorite in Serangoon area

  25. Rad: wow! who knows what other gastronomic treasures might be hidden in other obscure Singaporean kopitiams! Maybe even pineapple duck! Hehehe :D

  26. WOW! another one by BIG?! I'm losing track of all their restaurants! All that carbs and meat is making me hungry.... ;)

  27. Mmmm...I could use a sticky date pudding now!

  28. Vien: heheh, BIG is the primary power at three complexes: bangsar village, publika & intermark. i guess few other restaurant groups have the resources to challenge them =)
    Bangsar-babe: and they also have bread-&-butter pudding here, if you prefer that :D