Eat Drink KL: Alba Truffles @ Garibaldi

Friday, November 11, 2011

Alba Truffles @ Garibaldi

'Tis the season to be truffling; head to Garibaldi now for a masterclass in dishing out that delicate delicacy _ white truffles from Alba.

One of the best pastas we've tried in 2011: tajarin _ egg-yolk noodles, reminiscent of tagliatelle, from Italy's Piedmont region. Sensationally sensuous, speckled with tissue-thin truffles & served with parmesan cheese fondue & poached yolk.

Also amazing: sea bass carpaccio with truffled mashed potato. Who knew that luscious raw fish, creamy carbs & fragrant fungi would gel so well? Pure pleasure.

Pinched ravioli, filled with veal in butter sage sauce. Chef Giuliano Berta has concocted meals that must be savored slowly, with recipes that triumphantly celebrate his country's culinary heritage while captivating contemporary diners.

Piedmontese Fassone beef, deliciously lean. We have to say it: Garibaldi has managed to equal Il Lido, with both becoming what we believe to be KL's best two Italian restaurants. A tip of the hat as well to Garibaldi's extraordinary service team.

Not keen on truffles? Garibaldi also revamped its a la carte menu recently, offering items impossible to find elsewhere in KL, such as this decadent chestnut gnocchi with hazelnut butter & liquor-cooked grapes.

Smoky succulence: tobacco-roasted lamb rack (!) with purple potatoes, celeriac mash & berry sauce. It's always exhilarating to encounter memorable dishes like this, featuring familiar ingredients cooked in off-the-wall styles.

Oops, almost forgot to note the amuse bouche: parmesan balls with carrot puree.

Another shining example of creativity: smoked watermelon, transformed into something that tastes partly like beef carpaccio, even though this is totally meat-free.

Time for dessert, with more truffles, shaved atop white chocolate mousse & pecans for an ethereal earthiness that blends beautifully with the sweet-savory elements of this platter.

Complimentary dessert, kinda like a cross between berry custard & creme brulee.

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Extra Dry, Follador.

Southern Italian Limoncello to send us off on our merry way. But we'll be back!

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