Eat Drink KL: Peking Duck @ SohoKL

Monday, November 7, 2011

Peking Duck @ SohoKL

This self-proclaimed Peking Duck specialist is no quack; the latest member of the Palace Group of Chinese restaurants is a worthy entry to the empire that includes Imbi Palace, Pavilion's Grand Palace & PJ's Jaya Palace.

Don't duck the duck _ each one is roasted at the outlet's entrance. A hearty half-portion costs RM32++, sufficient for three to four customers.

Crisp, flavor-packed skin _ exactly how everyone likes it.

The remainder of the fowl _ not bony or gamy at all _ can be cooked with rice, noodles or veggies for a surcharge, but we liked it fine on its own.

Also recommended: steamboat, featuring a staggering selection of ingredients. For meat, the U.S. beef & Mongolian lamb are superbly succulent.

Pork tendons. Quality & quantity both rule here, at really reasonable prices.

Mandarin-infused beef balls & watercress. Somehow, we steered clear of seafood for this steamboat; nevertheless, the menu is overflowing with geoduck, oysters, fish, prawns & crabs.

Pork liver & Chinese spinach. Hurray for healthy greens!

A fascinating variety of broth flavors is available. Our pick: salted egg & bone marrow! Temptingly tasty, with an abundance of egg to be unearthed within these waters.

All things considered, we hope Peking Duck survives longer than its predecessors that occupied this exact venue in SohoKL. Zhen Shan Mei launched here in October 2009 but closed in a year; the same sad fate befell Pin Shan, which opened here in October 2010.

Peking Duck,
Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. pork tendons are my favorite! hehe

  2. Given that all other outlets are called "____ Palace", I wonder why this isn't called "Peking Duck Palace"? :P

  3. The duck looks so yum! Glistening crispy skin!

  4. am glad you try this place. I love the peking duck!

  5. michelle: i wonder what's the best recipe for pork tendons! not really a major fan of them in steamboat, heh =)
    Kenny: ooooh, i have the same question! but i dunno who to ask. wonder if this palace group of restaurants got customer service hotline for frivolous questions :D

  6. Baby sumo: yeah, crispy duck skin is so addictive! i think i could finish the skin of an entire duck on my own! =)
    Eiling: ya, now i just need to head to the palace restaurant at wisma bentley in mutiara damansara to finish visiting the entire palace group, heheh! :D

  7. the peking duck looks good! and if folks actually opt to eat the rest of the meat as is without resorting to cooking it in any other style, the duck must be awesome!

  8. Ohhh...Porky steamboat! salted egg & bone marrow!? Woots! That's new!
    Expensive ar?

  9. Missyblurkit: yeah, we figured instead of paying an extra RM10 to have the duck cooked with what-not, we might as well enjoy the meat on its own, since it's tender and tasty! :D
    Rebecca: quite reasonably priced, I think! The soup base costs RM10, and then each extra ingredient is individually priced. Many of the basic servings cost below RM10 each =)

  10. Our questions aren't frivolous lah... Fai cai maybe, but not frivolous... :P

  11. kenny: fa cai? dunno what that means lah. scratching my head over whether it has anything to do with 'gong xi fa cai' :D

  12. The duck looks gorgeous...and steamboat - good for cold rainy evenings! The broth you mentioned is HK-style - simple but yummy!

  13. Pureglutton: oooo, thanks for the info! I'm quite inexperienced with steamboat ... only manage to have it once or twice a year, heheh :D

  14. What's the name of this place call? Could you pass me the phone number as well?

  15. Ck: the outlet's name is Peking Duck. The number is 03-6203-0423