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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deliciously Chocolate

These are the days, the sweetest days we'll know, thanks to this week's opening of Deliciously Chocolate, scarcely a 10-minute drive from our office.

Whole cakes that must be pre-ordered are Deliciously Chocolate's specialty, but customers walking in on the spur of the moment can purchase moist mini-cupcakes, sumptuously topped with dark chocolate ganache & peanut butter frosting. A convenient, bite-sized panacea for the pressures of the workplace.

Making whoopie might sound so 20th-century, but the "whoopie pie" _ a classic American confection, like a cookie sandwich _ is soft-baked comfort food that deserves a new-millennium resurgence. Dotted with chocolate chips & permissively stuffed with ganache, it's available here 11am-7pm weekdays & through 2pm Saturdays.

KL is choc-a-bloc with macaron-makers now; Deliciously Chocolate's chocolate ones contain its signature dark ganache, while its pink versions brim with white choc butter cream. The texture is terrific _ sufficiently fragile to crumble at the gentlest bite, but luxurious enough to laminate the palate with velvety lushness. See for prices & cake varieties.

Need even more chocolate? Deliciously Chocolate occupies the same floor of Menara IMC as Urban Picnic, which is coincidentally serving chocolate desserts this month.

Try the red fruit chocolate log cake, for a fun interplay of fruity & cocoa flavors.

Earl Grey & mango chocolate cake. Creamy & dreamy, not at all cloying.

Man cannot live on chocolate alone, so Urban Picnic also supplies savory snacks. Try the shredded chicken, mushroom & lemon confit gremolata pasta _ simple but satisfying.

Beef burger blanketed with truffle sauce & paired with the fluffiest potato wedges that history might record. Perfect for people who can't decide whether they're carnivores or carboholics.

Vegood purple carrot juice, very good to wash down food.
Earlier entry on Urban Picnic: October 31.

Deliciously Chocolate & Urban Picnic,
Menara IMC, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.