Saturday, February 26, 2011

Imbi Palace

This cavernous restaurant has carved a real reputation among fans of Chinese fare.

There's something for everyone here. The fish maw with minced pork tasted homemade, in the best sense of the word. Health-conscious customers might be happy to hear that Imbi Palace's food seems to be laced with very little salt (even though everything remains sufficiently flavorsome).

Braised goose webs in abalone sauce. Suck it up and stop squirming; this was bony, of course, but succulent (in the slimiest fashion possible).

Stuffed dace fish, nicely presented. The stuffing was superb _ juicy and subtly flavorsome, like the finest kind of fish cake.

Steamed tiger prawns. Utterly unmemorable; the lowlight of an otherwise fab meal.

Frogs with fried ginger. Tender, chunky meat, lightly battered and seemingly greaseless, with a finger-lickin'-good addictiveness.

Lap mei fan. A hearty helping that hit the right notes (though one could quibble that the goose liver sausages _ while delicious _ weren't as amazingly aromatic as The Han Room's).

Deakin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia). Richly rounded.

Imbi Palace,
Jalan Barat, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. My family used to visit this place god know how many times.

  2. Michelle: heheh, I wonder whether the restaurant might actually be older than ya! :D

  3. How many type of menu did they have? Minimum price is how much anyway? I wish to visit there one day. But first, I have estimate the budget first.

  4. Mitchell: probably can budget about rm60-100 per person for a full meal =)

  5. haha rare ocassion to see you at a chinese restaurant and well, you finally had the lap mei fan minus the liver sausages from "se wong ee" but the boss told me that their liver sausages are made in hong kong... I still think Ming room serves a good lap mei fan!

  6. eiling: oooh, i missed the better liver sausages? argh!!! but yeah, the oriental group of restaurants (ming room, han room, noble house) all seem to do the best lap mei fan that i've had in kl so far =)