Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kogetsu @ Saujana

Lakeside dining at The Saujana's Japanese restaurant was a placid affair, though it was difficult to see the scenery outside clearly at night.

The outlet's employees were sure-footed and efficient, helping us to relax throughout our meal. Too bad the menu is filled with both hits and misses.

Avocado salad. This was OK, but considering the exorbitant price tag, there really should have been more avocado slices.

Seafood salad roll. Mediocre and unjustifiably priced at more than RM50.

Fried white tuna with seaweed crumbs. Nice; very crispy and not oily at all.

Unagi maki. Another bland roll. I love makis, but the ones here are ... meh.

Grilled Hokkaido fish. Tasted fresh, but not particularly exciting either.

Stewed beef in miso paste. Loved it; tender meat in superbly flavourful broth.

Ichinokura Junmai warm sake.

The Saujana Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 7840-5584


  1. The makis look so forlorn!! I've found the answer to this weekend's ultimate meal... I think I'm going to purchase an avocado! Yup, just an avocado alone!

  2. ooh, comfort food indeed. and healthy too, rite... or issit... hmmm... :D

  3. in my point of view, it's an expensive affair to have japanese food in hotels. While some of the foods are fresh and yummy, there are bound to be lemons... so I seldom had japanese food in hotel. i rather stick to conventional sushi zanmai, sakae sushi... if i feel adventurous... Rakuzen!

  4. yeah it's true that hotels really over-charge for japanese food ... some of the better japanese restaurants in kl are actually not hotel ones ... ozeki tokyo, hajime, fukuya...

  5. yeah man..tht meal is soooooooooo sad!!

  6. must have sad meals sometimes to appreciate the happy ones better :D