Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nasi Lemak Famous @ Bangsar

Having nasi lemak for supper seems totally unhealthy, but we couldn't resist.

The rice was steaming hot but not as aromatic as we had expected. The side dishes were OK (even though the sambal was too spicy for me), but the fried chicken was very good. Absolutely loved the crunchy batter.

Nasi Lemak Famous
Bangsar Selera.
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  1. yup, the nasi lemak is better than nasi lemak antarabangsa right?

  2. indah: heh, i like both! :D

  3. looks really awesome.
    but which part of bangsar?

  4. darthfnd: oh, it's basically the telawi area. opposite bangsar village, near the mosque, i think =)