Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hajime @ Jalan Damai

Who'd have thought that this place would survive this long? The crowds that flock here are a testament to the quality of Hajime's offerings.

Shake Bomb (salmon & foie gras with truffle oil). A melt-in-the-mouth treat. We could have eaten this all night, but the hefty price tag was a deterrent.

Tuna belly & sea urchin rolls. Not the prettiest presentation, but tasty enough.

Foie gras and sea eel roll. Something went wrong here. We could barely taste the ingredients. Quite a letdown considering the steep cost for this maki.

Jalan Damai.


  1. If my befuddled Math is serving me correct, you're averaging about 2-3 meals per wk with foie gras?? Hedonism has a new name!

  2. your math seems spot-on! :D
    hedonism, thy name is sean? oh no!