Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bangsar Seafood Garden

Thanks to Bangsar Seafood for this dinner. It was a treat, much appreciated.

Boneless chicken with fruit sauce ensured a terrific start to our meal. Awesomely tender; if Wagyu chicken ever existed, it might taste like this.

Wasn't as enthusiastic about the red snapper in bean sauce. The natural flavour of the fish seemed overwhelmed in this preparation. But hey, I still took multiple helpings.

Salted egg yolk crabs were what I anticipated the most. They didn't disappoint; this platter packs a powerful punch for the palate. Would definitely order it whenever I'm back here.

Stewed Chinese cabbage with dried scallops and mushrooms. Probably the healthiest item that evening. Guilt-free comfort food to warm both the stomach and the soul.

Omelette with crab meat. Imaginatively presented and tasty enough, but not especially memorable. Then again, I'm not a huge lover of omelettes anyway.

Seafood fried rice. Not rave-worthy, but nicely done. Fluffy and not oily at all.

Stir-fried prawns in special curry. Loved this. A thick, rich concoction that provided a magnificent workout for the tastebuds.

Steamed bean curd. Looked alarmingly yellow, as if it had been sprayed with kunyit powder. But thankfully, it tasted perfectly fine.

Butter crabs. I wish I could remember how this tasted, but the whiskey wiped out my memory at this point. Am sure it was as deliriously divine as it looks.

The restaurant is offering a cool promo this Ramadan, with special menus priced from RM498+ that feature various assortments of nine dishes (not the ones above) and a free kilo of crabs.

Bangsar Seafood Garden,
One Bangsar.


  1. foie gras skin..thts all i remembered! LOL.

  2. we must really try to prepare that dish :D

  3. it all looks good! Makes me wanna fly back to kl for food!!

    I was looking around a few blogs and though, hey, lots of peeps go to the same restaurant and order the same food... then I realized, you were all at the same event, same table! LOL...

  4. thanks sean =) looks like u had heaps of alcohol by the time the butter crabs came...hehe.


  5. petrina: heheh, yeah, u'll be reading a lot more about this event in the weeks to come =)
    jade: yeps, tnx to paranoidandroid n frat's booze!

  6. strangely, the stewed cabbage got my attention.
    had a similar type of dish somewhere, sometime ago (yeah, bad memory) ...

    nai pak steamed with har mai, and minced pork.
    very, very juicy and soft. almost too healthy!

  7. j2fkm: yeah, healthier than stir-fried kailan! and the version here was not too soft, unlike veggies at a lot of other chinese places that are boiled or stewed waaaay too long...