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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Kafein Roastery, Alam Damai


Kafein Roastery is Alam Damai's new coffee concept store, a laboratory for customers to explore, experience and experiment with brewing and beans. 

Founders Khen Eng and Peggy roast an eclectic selection of engaging single origins and blends, such as the Shinsekai, a light-bodied blend of naturally processed Ethiopian, Kenyan and Burundian beans, a pleasure for pour-overs and cold brews. 

Try your hand at the coffee tools here, perhaps to prepare an oat milk latte or to sip on a sparkling yuzu espresso cooler, while checking out shelves stocked with Kafein-roasted beans in beautifully illustrated tin containers, plus manual brewing equipment like ceramic drippers, gooseneck kettles, digital thermometers and other gadgets galore.

Kafein Roastery
176-1, Jalan Damai Raya 2, Alam Damai, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Little Tee Cakes, Bangsar










After eight years of blissful bakes, Little Tee Cakes has opened its own cafe and store - walking into this cheerful space in Bangsar is like coming for a children's birthday bash, beckoning with the charm of classic cakes and fresh bakes. 

Every Little Tee treat is created with heart and skill, from strawberry shortcakes to taro cakes to sea salt-sprinkled scones with house-made jam and clotted cream that takes 15 hours to patiently prepare - this is what cakes should taste like, irresistibly and indulgently paired with coffee and chrysanthemum milk coolers.

Sugar and spice and everything nice: Beyond cakes and cookies, Little Tee Cakes also serves savoury meals such as pastas and rice bowls.






Little Tee Cakes

5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Sunbather Coffee, Panggong Road

Chasing the clouds away in Chinatown, Sunbather Coffee shines with its newly launched second branch, bringing its bright, cheerful Japanese yoshoku-inspired meals, desserts and drinks to Panggong Road. 

The soft-opening menu will be familiar to fans of Bangsar South's original Sunbather Coffee - binge on big breakfasts of hambagu with sllky-soft eggs, pumpkin-corn croquette, crunchy ebi fry, potato salad and fresh leaves with egg tartar sauce, plus comforting lunches of tomato omurice wrapped in a warm, fluffy omelette, surrounded by spiced Japanese curry, thick with carrots, broccoli, potatoes and enoki mushrooms, chilling out with honey yuzu lemonade and matcha ginger tonic. 

Collaborative offerings with Sunbather's sister brand, Kakiyuki, KL's pioneering purveyor of shaved ice desserts, will be available soon. 

Sunbather Coffee
Panggong Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Jeremy's Chicks: Subang's wallet-friendly spot for all things chicken, from BBQ to Poached & Roasted, Crispy-fried to Cheesy

Jeremy's Chicks-45.jpgJeremy's Chicks-47.jpg

Jeremy's Chicks might be best known for its beloved Hainanese poached chicken rice, but it's also a hotspot for other varieties of poultry pleasure - whether you like your chicken barbecued or roasted, crispy-fried or cheesy, with rice or noodles, in Malaysian or Korean fashion, there's a drumstick, thigh or wing here to tempt you!

It's a crowd-pleasing combination - quality chicken, sourced from halal-certified suppliers, freshly cooked according to authentic recipes, yielding juicy meat paired perfectly with fluffy, fragrant rice and flavorful sauces for a fun, fulfilling meal at reasonable prices, starting from RM6.90 for the essential plate of chicken rice!

Jeremy's Chicks-5.jpgJeremy's Chicks-6.jpgJeremy's Chicks-8.jpg

Jeremy's Chicks-10.jpg

Jeremy's Chicks.jpg
We've ordered deliveries from Jeremy's Chicks many times, but it's worth visiting the cafe  - this is a cheerful, casually chic space in SS15 Subang with classic and contemporary features, spanning vintage-style tiles on the floor to modern neon-lit puns on the walls.

Jeremy's Chicks-53.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-52.jpgJeremy's Chicks-51.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-41.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-40.jpg

The Smokey BBQ Chicken (RM29.90) is a terrific set for two to share, strikingly presented with a smoky flourish, true to its name. Lift the lid on the meat, which retains a soft smokiness that complements its BBQ sweetness, served with rice, clear soup, soy sauce, ginger and chilli sauce, a complete chicken rice winner for lunch or dinner.

Jeremy's Chicks-32.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-27.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-12.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-28.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-30.jpg

If you're a fan of time-honoured traditions, check out Jeremy’s Super Value meals, possibly the best bargain for chicken rice enthusiasts in this neighbourhood and beyond. 

Have it Poached (RM6.90), Roasted (RM6.90) or even both - a generous portion of gently poached or roasted chicken with aromatic rice and sauces for well under RM10 per plate.

Jeremy's Chicks-16.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-26.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-14.jpgJeremy's Chicks-18.jpg
Craving fried chicken? Feel the crunch with Jeremy’s Crispy Fried, available in Original (RM9 .90), the extra-creamy Buttermilk (RM12.90) and Korean Hot (RM12.90), all crafted with Jeremy's house-made sauces, rounded out with rice and cucumber.

Jeremy's Chicks-20.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-21.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-23.jpg
Fans of Wingettes & Drummettes have something to snack on too - the JC Cheezy (RM9.90) layers your favourite chicken parts with a smoothly thick, oozy cheese sauce, while the JC Soy Garlic (RM9.90) is potently garlicky, irresistible for lovers of Korean-influenced wings.

Jeremy's Chicks-38.jpg
Jeremy's Chicks-19.jpg
The menu also embraces Malaysian chicken noodles - the Shredded Chicken Kuey Teow Soup (RM9.90) is Jeremy's equivalent of hor fun, heartwarming and mellow, while the Wantan Mee with Wantan and Chicken (RM15.90) brings a kopitiam staple into a hip cafe, showcasing firm, soy-slicked noodles crowned with your choice of BBQ, poached or roasted chicken.

Jeremy's Chicks-48.jpgJeremy's Chicks-49.jpg
Chicken also makes its way into another tantalising treat - it's surprising to see dim sum here, but Jeremy's Chicks does justice to this speciality. The most memorably eye-catching is the purple-hued Chicken Kerabu, plumply stuffed with minced chicken (RM9.90). while the Chicken & Prawn Siew Mai (RM9.90) and Har Gow (RM9.90) supply steaming-hot chicken-and-crustacean satisfaction, straight from the kitchen to the table.

Jeremy's Chicks-36.jpgJeremy's Chicks-37.jpg
If you're feeling the heat from the chicks, quench your thirst with Jeremy's array of alluring coolers, from the Iced Latte (RM9.90) for caffeine hunters to colourfully soothing concoctions like the Pink Grapefruit Lemon Tea (RM9.90), Yuzu with Butterfly Pea Flower (RM9.90) and Mixed Berry Iced Tea (RM9.90).

Jeremy's Chicks-3.jpgJeremy's Chicks-4.jpg

Jeremy's Chicks-2.jpg

Jeremy’s Chicks
30, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Daily, 10:30am-10pm. Tel: 03-5612-7721