Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Palace @ Putrajaya Marriott

Summer Palace had an intriguing promotion recently. Dubbed "A Culinary Journey Back To Yesteryears," it offered delicacies that hearkened to the early 1930s (with a few modern twists here and there).
While we ate, stage entertainers presented classic songs made famous by the likes of Teresa Teng (yes, even I recognized The Moon Represents My Heart).

Appetiser combo comprising deep-fried prawn balls "Gui Ling" style, duck liver with boneless chicken served in Chinese bun, and stir-fried shark fins with crab meat in scrambled eggs. All very nicely done.

Salted egg meat balls. Surprisingly bland and less creamy than expected.

Baked "Ming" prawns in claypot. Very hearty. Would please prawn-lovers.

Braised beef tendons in spicy sauce. A decadent, gelatinous treat to chew on.

Crispy spring chicken stuffed with glutinous rice. Pretty well-prepared but it could have been more flavourful. Tasted a bit boring after a few bites.

Col di Sasso Toscano IGT (Banfi, Italy). Went fairly well with the food.

Summer Palace,
Putrajaya Marriott.


  1. ppl from the 20s ate this? looks like what i would eat too..

  2. heh ... yeah maybe it was just a gimmick. i have no idea what old-fashioned chinese cuisine is supposed to be :D

  3. Actually nothing much has changed in the way the Chinese preparing their food.. except for slight twist in ingredients to suit the taste buds of this new generation.
    I'd prefer the yesteryears compared to these days food coz it's far more healthy and simpler...

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  5. leo: less MSG during the yesteryears? :D but it seems hard to have healthy cuisine if there's lots of pork served...
    ivy: thanks, will e-mail you.

  6. Summer Palace - popular for its halal chinese food in that area. They do serve commendable food, i would say.

  7. i guess they have to maintain the marriott standards ... i previously attended a wedding dinner food-tasting here, but couldn't recall much

  8. study your geography, young lady! :p

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