Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mooncakes @ Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

The dark chocolate mooncake with durian ganache is a masterwork, with flavours that are subtle yet distinctive, not overwhelming but not bland. Best of all, once you've proven that marrying chocolate with durian works wonders, the potential for other unions is limitless.

Mini snow-skin mooncake with durian paste. It might seem strange that I'm ga-ga over Mandarin Oriental's durian mooncakes, since I hardly even eat durians. But these are tame desserts for people who dislike how wildly overpowering the fruit can taste.

White chocolate mooncake with calamansi ganache. A fresh addition this year; pleasantly citrusy but not too sour.

Milk chocolate mooncake with peanut butter crunch and raspberry centre. The best choice for kids; reminiscent of a crisp candy bar.

White chocolate mooncake with pineapple jelly ganache. Another new entry, but let's see if it makes a repeat appearance next year. Quirky in a creamy-chocolate-meets-tropical-fruit way, but basically unmemorable.

Mini snow-skin mooncake with pistachio custard. The healthiest-tasting option, since it's the one that's the least sweet. And pistachios are recommended for helping in weight loss, right?

Lai Po Heen,
Mandarin Oriental.


  1. hhmmm.. stil the ones offered by Tai Thong and the Hilton KL looks better in terms of taste and variety... wanna share some Tai Thong ones? cant finish by meself..

  2. MMM YUMMM. And that's saying a lot, considering I'd pretty much sworn off mooncakes for years, after a nasty incident of forcing down expired mooncakes left to organically blossom in the fridge.

  3. thats ALOT of mooncakes..

    the prob wth these high end mooncakes is the short expiry date..these fellows have to be basically scoffed down in days!

  4. interesting

  5. i like the sound of the dark choc outer but i dunno about the durian ! haha;)

  6. anything but those with durian for me... dunno why but I still can't accept the taste of King of Fruits :(

  7. nomad: noooo, don't tempt me! am trying to reduce my mooncake intake this year! feed to unka :D
    550ml: i hope u learned your lesson, young lady!
    joe: they were teeny-weeny mooncakes :D
    nicotinegum: come back to kl be4 the season ends
    ciki: the durian is really mild-tasting! :D
    leo: oh, i'm not a durian-lover either, but the mooncakes are not too stinky :D

  8. Ah, an important day in history.

  9. lemongrass: dunno what the importance is. but u certainly are traveling back in history :D