Friday, August 28, 2009

Yoko's @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Creativity is the name of the game at Yoko's, where dozens of dishes are presented with intriguing twists. The results are often hit-or-miss.

Salmon 4 Floors Sushi. Hearty heaps of salmon and roe stacked on rice.

Mix of tuna sashimi, yam and avocado in Korean yukke-style. Pretty refreshing.

Cake-style chirashi sushi. A unique presentation, but tasted like typical sushi.

Oven-baked prawns and veggies in an avocado case, topped with cream sauce and cheese. Comfort food at its most guilt-inducing.

"French-style" sushi. Some interesting experiments here, especially the sushi with mango sauce, but the marriage of flavours didn't always work.

Tempura soba. Pour the hot dipping sauce into the platter, and voila! One of the most successful dishes; we enjoyed it though we aren't big fans of soba.

Duck egg. Pretty much the regular ones that you'll find at Chinese restaurants.

Yoko's Special Roll, stuffed with three different kinds of sashimi, rayu mayonnaise, caviar, diced avocado and cucumber. A letdown; tasted mediocre and unmemorable.

"Pizza sushi." Coated with cheese and mayo, which drowned out everything.

Forgettable mixed grill comprising chicken, liver, quail eggs and mushrooms.

Rising Sun (sake, cointreau, grapefruit juice & grenadine) and Devil May Cry (vodka, gin, rum, cointreau & amaretto).

Kabuki (vodka, sake, lime cordial) & Yoko's Dream (gin, sake & lychee liqueur).

Changkat Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2144-3378


  1. The last time i went it left a good impression on me. My frens particularly liked the wait staff tht was dressed in those cute pleated school girl-like uniforms (roll eyes)!

  2. i suppose some things r best left unchanged..

  3. Yoko's the original Changkat classic man... there's something comforting about seeing it stand the test of time, from those early days when it was still possible to have a quiet night out on that street. I miss those days :-( I was at Changkat last night and it's starting to look like a dive.

  4. Changkat Bukit Bintang... arrghhh1!!!! Gotta come here soon... as soon as my in-law agrees to look after my daughter

  5. Wow! So much for the foodie in me. I've never been there. ;-) Will make it a point next date nite. ;-)

    Added you to my blogroll :-)

  6. nomad: i'm so unobservant, i didn't notice those uniforms! :D
    joe: but it's human nature to experiment =)
    550ml: hey it looks like several of us were at changkat last nite, but we all missed each other. you, me, lyrical lemongrass...
    leo: that's what grandparents are for! :D
    nigel: hope u enjoy it! and thanks. =)

  7. I still haven't tried! Sob

  8. haz: just a stone's throw from your office!