Friday, August 14, 2009

Gu Yue Tien @ Chulan Square

Gu Yue Tien might look like an ordinary Chinese outlet, but a peek at its menu proves that it's one of KL's most innovative restaurants.

The soft-boiled egg with foie gras is the signature dish here. Bits of liver immersed in a warm, liquidy egg mixture.

Oven-baked water prawn with butter sauce. Tasty, but maybe overcooked.

Foie gras on lotus root and mango with Chinese vinegar sauce. Despite the Oriental touches, this could still pass off as an offering in a French restaurant.

Wok-seared minced pork cake in sweet sauce. Small in size but big in flavour.

Pan-fried scallop roll wrapped with bacon and mint sauce. Quite a decadent dish. The scallops were nice and plump _ a perfect match for the juicy bacon.

Duck leg with Chinese herbs in own jus. A bit overcooked too, but tasted fairly healthy in comparison to the other over-the-top dishes.

Gu Yue Tien,
Chulan Square.


  1. Hi Sean,
    From your photos, looks like you ordered set menu? Can I know what's the price per person? Else, can you give me an indication of the average price per person? Thanks! :)
    Btw, nice blog, a very good one-stop centre for me to see where I can take my better half for a good meal :)

  2. hi kellyn, thanks for dropping by!
    nope, this wasn't a set menu. we chose items from the a la carte menu. it cost us about RM 100 per person, but depending on what you order, you can still get a good meal for below RM 80 per person.

  3. Yes, didnt knw that they do such fusioned items!

    and shall i say "foei gras again???" ;p

  4. some ppl criticize fusion, but i lurve it! :D

  5. Hi Sean
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.