Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biba's Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental

The drinks outshone the food here, thanks to Mandarin Oriental's specialty cocktails with recipes taken from its hotels around the world.

Tartare of yellow fin tuna, red pepper coulis, edamame beans and pistachio pesto. Not bad if you want something light that tastes relatively healthy.

Spinach and ricotta agnolotti with mushrooms and sun-dried tomato sauce. The pasta was kinda soggy and completely overpowered by the taste of the tomato sauce.

Chocolate cake with grapefruit marmalade and red chilli oil. Decadently rich.

MO KL Sultini (vodka, mango, cassis, orange, cranberry) and MO London Mandarin Mojito (vodka, mandarin ginger, cointreau).

MO Hong Kong (citron vodka, limoncello, coriander, ginger, pineapple, apple) and MO Miami (chocolate liqueur, vodka, raspberries).

Biba's Cafe,
Mandarin Oriental.


  1. Chocolate cake and world-class cocktails! My only wish is that the cocktails aren't sickly sweet.

  2. Ohh..MO. Cool, didja go Sultan lounge?

  3. 550ml: they were on the sweet side but made up for it by being very potent!
    nomad: went to sultan lounge earlier this year, but was kinda turned off by the crowdedness...