Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rasa Timur @ Chulan Square

We always have trouble remembering which one is nasi kerabu and which one is nasi dagang. Here's hoping this entry will help them stick in our memory.

Rasa Timur's one-sheet menu focuses on traditional Malay rice and noodle dishes.
Their nasi kerabu failed to impress. The blue-tinted rice with grated coconut, ulam and sambal tasted sterile, like it came out of a shopping mall food court. The fish crackers were satisfying though; addictively crunchy and not oily.

The nasi dagang fared better. The rice steamed in coconut milk was piping-hot, moist but firm, perfectly complementing the fish curry and pickled veggies.

Best of all was the ayam goreng kampung. Tender, flavourful kampung chicken, freshly fried on order. Worth returning here simply for this.

Rasa Timur,
Chulan Square.


  1. The rice place at Bangsar and Cinta Ria got the thumbs up frm some foodies for their nasi dagang. If the nasi lemak is any indication of the Nasi Dagang (at Cinta Ria), then I opined the Nasi Dg a must -try!

  2. nasi dagang looked kinda pale, compared to the usual darker, reddish version served in the east coast.

  3. harlo! I am back in action! food looks good.. :)

  4. normally I get my nasi dagang fix at Village Park in Damansara Uptown... the best that I had after those in Kuantan or Terengganu! just make sure that they use ikan tongkol for the fish instead of mackarel or other species.
    Nasi kerabu... I bought those from pasar malam... hahaha!!! If I decide to go for high-end stuff, then Delicious is the place to go for this dish!

  5. The fiery-lookin reddish curry and the fried chicken really got me salivating... drats, coz it's close to lunchtime now!

  6. nomad: havent tried those places! but when it comes to nasi lemak/dagang/minyak/kerabu, i'm definitely no expert! :D
    j2kfm: hmmm wonder what ingredient it lacks...
    ciki: you were gone but not forgotten! :D
    leo: haven't tried village park before... it closes so darn early! i've only had ikan tongkol once, at chawan on jalan telawi... was good...
    pureglutton: hope u had a tasty lunch! :D

  7. I drove past this place over the weekend and commented to hubs that the place looked quite unappealing from the outside. They could do better with the decor.

    Hartinie in Shah Alam has great nasi dagang and nasi kerabu.

  8. lemongrass: yeah, it looks spartan compared to the fancier outlets surrounding it. and that shoplot has housed two previous outlets that failed to survive, so this one has its work cut out for it.
    shah alam! notice that i hardly have any shah alam entries :D

  9. that's why I always say that early bird gets the worm :)
    you will love their nasi lemak, nasi dagang, and other dishes... let's not forget to mention their teh tarik! I always ask for another cuppa of teh tarik there...
    It will worth waking up early just to eat here. They have expanded by taking over the shop next door... and it's still very hard to find a table during lunch time!!! Even queue-ing and getting yourself a plate of nasi lemak/dagang can be frustrating sometimes!

  10. Just to tempt you...

  11. leo: damnit, don't make me hungry! =) must get someone to tarpau for me one of these day! didn't realize that they also do nasi dagang...
    luckily am not a teh tarik fan though ... that helps me cut down on a bit of sugar :D