Monday, August 3, 2009

Iketeru @ KL Hilton

We managed to wake up before noon on a recent Saturday and trudged over to Iketeru to sample their "Konichiwa" weekend brunch, which offers unlimited orders from an a la carte menu for RM98++ (not including drinks).

Sashimi of tuna, salmon, white tuna, yellow tail, surf clams, light grilled tuna and chopped fish meat with spicy miso paste. Not top-notch but good enough.

Grilled sea bream head with salt. Decent but unexciting. Lacked enough meat.

Grilled eel and Oden (hodgepodge of fish cakes, egg and simmered veggies). The unagi was pretty good, but the oden was our favorite item for this lunch. Stomach-warming stuff.

Assorted maki, comprising Fire Dragon (unagi with cili padi), Salmon Fry Cheese, Spider (soft shell crab and salad) and California (avocado, crab stick and flying fish roe). Too bad most of the ingredients seemed cold or soggy.

Grilled scallops with white sauce. Not particularly memorable.

Steamed cod fish with sake. We loved this; the cod was delicate and moist.

Teppanyaki prawns, cod, scallops and beef. Mixed feelings about this; most of the seafood was satisfyingly fresh, but the beef was tough and chewy.

Simmered beef and potato. Lacklustre compared to the oden.

Rocky Mountains Junmai Sake. Dry but with a full-bodied flavour.

Hilton KL.

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  1. steamed cod fish with sake? interesting. subtle sweetness, a little kick from the sake, and the velvety smooth tofu.

    wont mind having that repeatedly.

  2. j2Kfm: u described that exactly right, and much better than i did! :D

  3. This is disturbing to hear... looks like they're slipping. Oden is my very favourite too! It's probably the most underrated of all Jap comfort food... I like it enough to even buy the ones they have at convenience stores in Japan. I'm a pleb at heart! :-D

  4. nomad: haven't tried genji's buffet yet, but in terms of regular a la carte dining, i'd say they're both on par with each other.
    550ml: i think their regular meals are still ok, but it looks like they cut back on quality for their all-u-can-eat brunches. i only just discovered oden, and am ordering it everywhere! :D

  5. so so-so only ar? i am surprised.. use to be pretty good just not too long ago:(

  6. they no longer offer champagne for the brunch anymore either...

  7. hmmm, seems like a mediocre experience? thought it was a pretty good deal with that price..

  8. sc: yep, it's a fair price, but we were just hoping that the food quality would be better. the rolls were especially disappointing...