Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rahsia @ Jalan Damai

The place is as lovely as ever, but the food has taken a turn for the worse.

Tagliatelle in a crispy "designer bag" with mussels, prawns and squid in cream sauce. Brimming with seafood, but bland and completely forgettable.

Pan-seared Norwegian salmon in coriander coconut cream with roesti potatoes. The fish was dry and not quite fresh. The menu stated that this would come with arugula, but it turned out to be a garden-variety salad instead.

Grilled lamb rack with lemongrass mint sauce and buttered veggies. The kitchen did its best, but the meat was hopelessly subpar. Rubbery and chewy.

Envy (guava juice, lime, soda); Asmara (mango juice, lime, strawberry, pineapple); Cinta (soda, watermelon, lime, mint leaves).

Jalan Damai.


  1. Rahsia really had so much potential - it's been so badly maintained that now, everything looks so worn, right down to the edges of the tablecloth! And with food like this, not sure if they've wandered beyond the point of no return

  2. it's really no longer a Rahsia that their not as good as they used to be...sighs

  3. 550ml: u have an eye for detail! i didn't even notice all that under the dim lighting. i think it's still salvageable, but needs total overhaul
    qwazymonkey: the rahsia is WHY they're not as good anymore ... and what happened to the ning noodles
    leo: yeah, more misses coming soon! :D

  4. maybe it's time not to set your expectation that high!!! or maybe it's your unique taste bud???

  5. leo: no la, i'm actually VERY easy to please. so whenever i review negatively, it really has to be below-par :D