Monday, August 24, 2009

Trattoria @ Jalan P Ramlee

After having carved its presence in Bali, Medan and Jakarta, this Italian restaurant franchise has set its sights on conquering our city.

The setting is pleasant and the service is friendly, but the food is disheartening.

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach in tomato & bacon sauce. There was barely any stuffing in the ravioli, making this a tedious chore to finish.

Green pappardelle with mushroom sauce. A generous portion, but if you're looking for pasta that's cooked al dente, then it would be wise to look elsewhere.

Linguine with fresh basil sauce and potatoes. A recipe that can usually be relied on for comfort food, but this was bland, watery and seemed indifferently prepared.

Potato gnocchi with mixed cheese sauce. Nearly satisfactory. The texture of the gnocchi was slightly off (too floury and not potatoey enough), but the sauce was well blended.

Tagliolini neri al salmone (black squid ink tagliolini with creamy salmon sauce). Tasted like an uninspired carbonara mixed with an off-putting, overly fishy puree.

Worst of all was the spaghetti vongole (with clams in white wine sauce). The pasta was overcooked to the brink of sogginess, while the clams were miniscule and not quite fresh.

Trattoria Cucina Italiana,
Menara Rohas Perkasa, Jalan P. Ramlee.
Tel: 2163-2368


  1. trattoria medan serves a nice italian. maybe there are very limited choice of italian in medan that makes it stand out.

  2. leo: yeah, heard that the one in bali is also pretty good. here's hoping these are just teething problems at their new branch in kl...

  3. tell me there were like a few of you eating that dinner. it's pasta overdose! And not good ones too. Eeck

  4. qwazymonkey: two people are a few, rite? :D yeah, i've sworn off pasta since friday! carb overload

  5. LOL!
    can see what you meant by "terrible!"
    Shit, i would hv ordered all tht if I went!
    Haha..can alws trust ya to go and face the teething issues phases..then we knw whether to visit or otrwise! kekeke

  6. sounds like a bunch of fellows trying to follow instructions off a book..

    no al dente pasta?..banned..

  7. nomad: maybe i can check them out again in a few months. i'm a believer in giving second chances!
    joe: no risotto also! even italiannies is better for now...

  8. too many misses la...
    I just had Italian food yesterday too :)

  9. nearly all misses!
    hope u had a better meal :D

  10. hello we hope you understand we just open.pls come again we felt that we already improved .terima kasih ciao leonardo guerrini

  11. leonardo: thanks for leaving the comment. hope to return soon.

  12. absolutely fantabulous place to eat. i've been here every week and they have not disappointed me in terms of food and service.

    pasta is done just right. so are the pizzas. its not localised malaysian italian food. i notice lots of mat sallehs each round and some are actually DC ppl.

  13. wow..u got a comment frm the err..Manager?
    Let's go ;) !

  14. missy: glad u enjoyed it :D
    tng: one of these days, ok =)

  15. What is the price range like for this restaurant? Food looks good!

  16. charlotte: reasonable prices, definitely. the pastas cost around RM20-35, so it's comparable to italiannes...