Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quattro @ Avenue K

A one-stop outlet for everything from nasi ulam to Absinthe cocktails, Quattro comprises four sections _ Spring Lounge, Summer Restaurant, Autumn Club and Winter Bar.

Roasted duck in coconut milk, red curry paste and kaffir lime leaves, served with lychee, pomelo salad and steamed rice. Surprisingly well-prepared and not too spicy (phew!).

Grilled Chicken Magdelena, a South African-inspired dish with lemon, chilli and garlic, served with creamy mashed potatoes. The chicken was flavourfully marinated, but could have been juicier. The tasty mashed potatoes made up for its shortcomings though.

Javanese deep-fried melinjo emping crackers and tempe (fermented soybean cakes), served with tomato, chilli and minced prawn sambal. Addictive; we couldn't stop munching.

Quattro Paradise Smoothie (pineapple paradise rum, killer coconut rum, dark rum, yogurt, honey) & Watermelon Caipiroska (Belvedere vodka, lime, watermelon wedges).

Flaming Asshole cocktail, basically a shooter comprising grenadine, peppermint, creme de banana, dark rum and milk.

We had more drinks at Winter, where it "snows" every half-hour in their "garden."

The Hulk (a shot of Angelique Absinthe submerged in Guinness Draught).

Dr Jekyll (La Clandestine Absinthe, Green Mint Syrup) and Ms Hyde (La Clandestine Absinthe, Cranberry Juice).

Avenue K.


  1. oo. great picture of the flaming asshole. aiyo, what a name though; i could barely bear to type it out!

  2. hehe, just as long as readers realize that the name refers to the cocktail, not the person in the photo :D

  3. Nice absinthe cocktails!

  4. one of the few places in kl that do absinthe cocktails!

  5. A few more here, Sean:


  6. alan: thanks ... gosh, didn't realize bubba gump sells absinthe! :D

  7. asshole... hahahaha!!! next time take pic without you in it... others might misunderstood :)
    ironically, I haven't been to Quattro yet...

  8. leo: ya lor, hopefully nobody misunderstood :D
    it's a decent place; maybe good for a weekend lunch, when it's quieter...

  9. wahlau eh..u were drinking all this on a weekday nite??

    oh god..

    r u sure this is the full strength absinthe? cos the 1s i drank in aust feels watered down even at 60 odd % alcohol content..and tastes horrible!

  10. joe: alcohol is like fuel, i need it to keep me going thru the week! :D
    not sure about the absinthe content... not strong though, since it was mixed into cocktails. but i agree that it tastes terrible on its own :D

  11. Weekday Cocktail Love!! :-D True, I tried once to make it thru the week without fuel and it was hard... just HARD. Besides look at the pretty colours!! And the shooter presentation! Why anyone would wait till the weekend for this is completely beyond comprehension!

  12. 550ml: ahhh, u're a woman after my own heart! yeps, living each day to the fullest means never having to delay gratification! :D