Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Elephant @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

There's a lesson to remember when visiting My Elephant: Go early; otherwise, everything that you want might not be available.

We ordered the roast duck curry with avocado, but it came with lychee instead. The curry was thick and tasty _ though they were less than generous with the meat _ but we couldn't help wishing they had served it with avocados instead.

If only we had known the duck curry would come with lychee, we wouldn't have ordered the Panang Gai (chicken curry with lychee). This was inferior in every way _ watery, bland and utterly uninspiring.

We tried ordering the salt-baked fish, but that was out of stock too, so we settled for the steamed fish with lime-garlic-chilli padi dressing. Admittedly, this was one fabulous fish _ fresh, tender and flavourful.

A mix of jasmine and brown rice that went well with the curries.

Pandan Coolers and KraChiap Cooler (Thai Roselle Herbal Tea).

My Elephant,
Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ.
Tel: 010-220-1283


  1. errmm..seriously..I tot the menu says duck with lychee?

  2. yeah come early or ELSE..

    figured the salt baked fish is pre-cooked..prob just warmed up b4 its it dishes out quite fast..

  3. let me guess... since u r not familar with PJ road, plus My Elephant is so secluded.. I guess you went there with tng and co??

  4. nomad: no lar, can choose from avocado, lychee and other options. we asked for avocado, but they brought it with lychee instead without informing us that they had no avocado left...
    joe: i've never had their salt-baked fish before. big sigh!
    leo: no lar, i have other PJ pals lah :D