Monday, August 10, 2009

La Gourmet Cantina @ The Curve

If you haven't been back to La Gourmet in awhile, check it out before it closes in early September and moves to Desa Sri Hartamas, where it will occupy Il Divo's former location and transform into Pedro's Place. The service here is sparkling and the food is satisfying.

Pedro's Place might serve Spanish tapas and Mexican favourites, but La Gourmet Cantina (previously La Gourmet House) focuses on Tex-Mex. We enjoyed the plump, crisp poppers _ fried spicy jalapeno peppers filled with a three-cheese mix, served with sour cream.

The house specialty fajitas, comprising chicken on a bed of onions, bell peppers & capsicum, served on a sizzling skillet with sour cream, salsa, cheese & warm flour tortillas. This is honest food prepared with passion; it tasted healthier, more wholesome than the versions at Chili's and other commercialized chains.

La Gourmet Cantina,
The Curve.
Tel: 7725-4279


  1. Oh its closing dwn? I nvr knew it serves Mex!
    Hv u tried Frontera? At Jaya One.

  2. it used to serve sausages and western stuff, but there was a management change earlier this year.
    yeah i like frontera ... tried the spicy habanero chili there that nearly killed me! :D

  3. no hurry la... if I can't make it to The Curve, Sri Hartamas then!!!
    Tex-Mex food has never been under my radar... don't know why. But when I don't feel like having regular food... I'd look for this...

  4. i'm not a fan of the tex-mex at chili's and tgif, but this one tastes different. somewhat home-cooked :D

  5. no wonder you said that those food were cooked with passion :)
    yeah... it taste different from those commercialised stuff

  6. I wouldn't have guessed that this came from THAT La Gourmet! It's always looked a lil uninspired from the facade, but wow, the fajitas blow out of the water any of that faux Tex Mex at Chilli's or TGIFs!

  7. 550ml: yeah, everyone who walks by la gourmet seems to keep on walking. it's so unfair!!!