Friday, August 21, 2009

The Library @ eCurve

The Library is poised to become one of the Klang Valley's most thrilling new outlets. If it plays its cards right, this place could be a household name within weeks.

There are more than 100 cocktails available here, literally from A to Z _ possibly more than any other hangout in this country.

The food menu remains limited for now, but the grilled portobello with arugula leaves and shaved parmesan is a decent starter, though the portion is less than generous.

One platter that's ideal for sharing is the chicken liver pate and olive & anchovy tapenade with toast. The spreads are freshly made and extraordinarily flavourful.

Skip the Welsh Rarebit though. You'll find a better version of this hot toast with savoury cheese sauce at The Magnificent Fish & Chips at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Here come the cocktails!
Alien Urine Sample (midori melon, whaler's killer coconut rum, peach schnapps, big island banana rum) & Cluster Fuck (vodka, gin, tequila, rum, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup).

Fruitty Fuck In Your Face (vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, fruit punch, pepsi) and Wild Sex With The Bartender (vodka, whaler's killer coconut rum, triple sec, sprite, amarula).

69-Kamasutra Style (midori melon, whaler's vanilla rum, zen green tea liqueur, mango & orange juice) and Mr K's Wet Dream (vodka, midori melon, peach schnapps, pineapple, orange, cranberry juice).

The Library,
e@Curve (formerly Cineleisure).


  1. That's enthusiasm if I ever heard it! :-D I'm SOLD! Will attempt to drag the troop there tonight, away from predictable haven! Gimme cocktails!

  2. love the horse with the lampshade! I saw it in a shop in Singapore, and always wanted one.

  3. ahhh its finally open!!

    unlike yrself..i wont be heading there for cocktails~!

    More for the books! ;p

  4. this is the place I have been receiving numerous marketing SMS's about. Looks like it's worth a visit ;)

  5. it's finally opened for business!!! I remember going there last week but they are still doing some final touches... sigh!!!
    Hey, will tweet you when I go to KL again for business trip next time ok??? Find another few bloggers to have happy hours here...

  6. omg..its like a karma sutra of cocktail names..

    wheres the foreskin galore?

  7. 550ml: i wish u success and an end to sobriety! :D
    carolyn: but it's huge! it would take too much space in an apartment!
    nomad: u can read while we get drunk! :D
    unka: yeah their marketing seems effective. even though they're at an obscure corner, they still draw customers...
    leo: u guys can guzzle their beer, while i check out their other 100+ cocktails! :D
    joe: haha, there were lots of cocktails under the 'F' section, but no foieskin :D

  8. I had a great time at this place, Sean!

    I'll definitely be back! BTW, how's UP? Is it worth the hassle of heckling people to go see it with me? LOL..

  9. christine: i think it ranks somewhere in the middle for pixar movies. didn't quite enjoy it as much as wall-e last year, but that's just me. =)