Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Escobar's @ Bukit Damansara

This cigar divan is a pleasant place to chill out, sip some wine and smoke a bit.

Lemon Drop Martini and Mojito. Decent drinks to go with the tobacco.

House red and white wines. White supposedly goes better with cigars.

Escobar's Cigar Divan,
Plaza Damansara.


  1. I can imagine this plc to be packed nightly!

  2. SHHHHH!! This was supposed to be my private haven, not to be shared with everyone else in the Klang Valley! And it's entertaining enough sporadic big noisy annoying groups as it is! Now look what you've done! :-S

  3. now this is a place that I won't even think of coming. Why??? Don't get me wrong.. I have no problem with smokers but I somehow hate the smell of ciggies or even cigars... quite ironic considering both my parents are smokers (my dad quit recently)... my sisters too!!
    I love booze-ing but definitely a no-no for puffing

  4. nomad: actually it was empty that night. maybe partly cos they don't serve food, though you can order food over from the neighboring outlets.
    550ml: haha, rest assured my blog isn't well-read enough to drive hordes of customers here! i trust you'll still find this an oasis of tranquility on your next visit :D
    leo: i totally understand. i don't actually smoke, but couldn't resist a cigar that night. most of my dinner companions don't smoke too, except for one guy who puffs like a chimney! :D