Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yogitree @ Mid Valley Gardens

Still going strong after all these months, Yogitree has shown it's no flash in pan.

Organic Australian baby spinach salad with crispy beef bacon, kampung egg and avocado. Tasted pretty nutritious. We should order salads more often.

Spaghetti with duck rillette, thyme, garlic confit and chilli flakes. Not as oily as it looks, but not as good as the pastas at true-blue Italian outlets elsewhere.

Ayam Percik Nasi Ulam (organic jasmine brown rice with fresh ulam, ikan turmeric and baked organic chicken topped with perchik sauce). Generously packed with ingredients.

Tagine of roast monkfish and seafood cooked Moroccan-style with saffron and tomato sauce. Probably our favourite for the evening. Fresh and flavourful.

Tagliatelle Carbonara with bacon, mushrooms and egg. The lack of cream made it healthier but not necessarily tastier.

Strawberry tart. Plump strawberries saved an otherwise mediocre dessert.

Tiramisu with kirsch. Decent, but we couldn't sense much alcohol.

Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. One of the healthiest-tasting apple pies I've ever had. Or maybe I've just had too many McD's apple pies in my lifetime.

Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon (Rapel Valley, Chile).

The Gardens.


  1. Another 'tree'?? ;p

    yes yes..sometimes healthier doesnt mean tastier.
    but less guilt ;p

  2. two trees are better than one, but there won't be three :D
    most of the time, i manage to brush aside guilt...

  3. The tagine's the winner, hands down! This might be the first time I've seen a post where the meal consisted of a bottle of wine. For that, let's drink to your Health!

  4. If we are what we eat, Sean, I really would like to find out what you're made of now ... :P

  5. 550ml: yogitree's wine selection is often woefully ignored!
    christine: flesh, bone and blood! :D

  6. hmm must drag hubby here next time we go Gardens

  7. haz: i think u'll like it! just that prices are sligggghtly on the high side, but the raw ingredients are probably more costly anyway...