Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tomoe @ Subang

Seasonal specialities are the main reason to head to Tomoe, where strange, surprising stuff might tempt those willing to venture beyond salmon sashimi.

Iwashi sashimi (Japanese sardines). Might have been several days too old, since it lacked the freshness of the best sashimi. Taste-wise, a bit bland.

Fresh crab guts. Looked completely unappealing but was actually good. It kinda tasted like crab roe, though it had the mushy texture of some sorta paste.

Salted puffer fish milt. Not pretty either, but pretty forgettable.

Spicy cod roe. Very pricey and shockingly spicy, even more so than sambal.

Deep-fried fugu. Not bad; the puffer fish was meaty and the batter wasn't oily.

Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 5633-5919


  1. Eh..i tot this was 'THE' Jap restaurant of Subang!
    how come can serve not fresh sashimi??

    Shame shame..

    Deep fried fugu ah? yums..

  2. looks damn good from the outside..but y do i sense okayness from the food?

  3. the fact that you dare to down the fugu has impressed me! Just like those death-defying Nippon-jin! For me, I will stay away for the potential neurotoxin is lethal and fatal!
    I used to stay in SS15/5D... hahahhaha!!

  4. nomad: hmmmm maybe we went on the wrong day, just before their new shipment of fish arrived...
    joe: yeah i remember the sashimi and makis were pretty decent last year. maybe chose the wrong items this time...
    leo: haha, the fugu served at japanese outlets in kl seems quite safe, haven't read of any deaths =)

  5. Crab guts! However do you eat it, pray tell? Do you mop it up with something else, or do you eat it alone in its pasty glory... like oats??

  6. 550ml: ahhh, just scoop it up with some crunchy cucumber, then munch munch munch!