Eat Drink KL: Gourmet South Australia: A food fair of South Australia's mouthwatering bounty, making a Malaysian debut

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Gourmet South Australia: A food fair of South Australia's mouthwatering bounty, making a Malaysian debut

Verdant plains where crops have been cultivated since the 1850s, where wheat and farming sheep abound, earning a reputation as South Australia's breadbasket. Rugged, cool-climate hills, a land of honey that's home to hundreds of species of native bees. The Adelaide Central Market, a hub of food and culture, one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest undercover markets, selling a million kilograms of produce monthly.

At a time when these scenes are beyond our reach, the new Gourmet South Australia food fair promises a ticket for your tastebuds to travel.

The fair will run for nearly two weeks, with 14 brands making their first-ever appearance in Malaysia, available for a limited time only.

Many of these are family-founded businesses that have endured the test of decades. All are nurtured in a clean, green and sustainable environment, for discerning customers who seek the best of South Australia's natural bounty. 

The Gourmet South Australia food fair will run at these locations:
Isetan KLCC and Isetan Lot 10, from 23 September to 5 October.
AEON One Utama, AEON Bukit Tinggi, and AEON Queensbay Mall, from 23 September to 6 October.

Visitors to Gourmet South Australia will experience everything from organic vegetables and sustainably caught tuna to raw honey, premium gelato and extra virgin almond oil.

Gourmet South Australia is an initiative by the Department for Trade and Investment, led by the Government of South Australia. Products at the fair contain no pork or alcohol. 

Gourmet South Australia graciously furnished us with a sneak peek of the pleasures of the fair. 

Here are some healthful highlights.

From the fertile soils of Adelaide Plains, Rainbow Fresh is run by the Giangregorio family, who've been growing vegetables since the 1970s, from paddock to plate on a 300-acre property,

Thanks to a Mediterranean-style climate that fosters extended cultivating sessions, Rocket Fresh's gorgeous greens - including the Wild Rocket, Mesculin Mix and Baby Spinach - boast high nutrients, robust flavours and an exceptional shelf life. 

Perfect as the foundation for a fantastic salad - we recommend pairing the rocket with South Australian cherry tomatoes, plus some walnuts and pear, oranges or peach!

Straight from Adelaide Central Market, Lucia’s Fine Foods’ tomato-based products are handmade in small batches during Australia's summer months, when tomatoes are at their fresh, flavourful prime. 

Your pastas and pizzas will be beautifully transformed by these classic sauces, including the Premium Passata or the Tomatoes and Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce, a completely gluten-free tomato purée, and the Pizza Sauce, based on a treasured Italian recipe that dates back to the 19th century.

Fun fact: The late founder Lucia Rosella moved to Adelaide with her husband and two daughters in 1956, leaving her small village within driving distance of Naples. Her grandchildren now continue her legacy.

From Adelaide Hills, where koalas and kangaroos roam the wildlife parks, comes Buzz Honey, producing multiple award-winning honeys, pure and pristine, 100% raw and hand-selected.

From the eucalyptus Blue Gum honey to the aromatically citrusy Orange Blossom to the herbaceous Meadow of Limestone Coast, these are irresistible for honey bears and human enthusiasts alike!

Buzz Honey's non-heat-treated honey retains its unique flavours, natural enzymes and wholesome properties thanks to a cold-press, chemical-free extraction.

Healthy Garden Australia headlines its own factory in Pooraka, specialising in porridge products, GMO-free with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring. 

Check out the Quick Oats, made with meticulously selected Australian wholegrain rolled oats, exuding all-round quality, creaminess and smoothness, laced with Manuka honey in convenient sachets that can be transformed into a meal in 90 seconds. Have it on its own or in a smoothie bowl topped with dragonfruit!

Adelaide-based Nature’s Delight has been run by the Capobianco family since 1976, honing the craft of drying, roasting, salting, spicing, coating and mixing its range of nuts, dried fruits, confections and snacks.

For guilt-free snacking, munch on crunchy corn chips in flavours like Zesty Lime and Chilli, washed down with a caffeine-free Organic Beetroot Latte that's loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds for digestive health.

Gelista is only 12 years old, but it has rapidly become recognised as Australia's leading brand of luxury artisanal gelato, made with traditional Italian equipment to craft the smoothest texture possible, relying on ingredients by South Australian producers. 

Fun flavours include Chocolate Almond Fudge (made with dairy-free chocolate, with almond pieces and a chocolate sauce swirl), Salted Caramel with Crunchy Toffee Pieces, and Peppermint Double Choc (made with natural peppermint oil sourced from an Australian family-owned producer).

Peel & Tonic loves to liven things up, harnessing South Australian fruits to help elevate beverages to the next level, with no added sugars or preservatives.

Its pouches of dehydrated fruits promise plenty of pop, making for a brilliant beverage garnish, lending sparkle to everything from cocktails to cheese boards. Double down on the Opulent Orange or the Lavish Lemon, made of 100% lemon. 

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