Eat Drink KL: Peetzaduhh

Sunday, September 12, 2021


Peetzaduhh does a terrific job of crafting home-baked pizza with playful, pleasurable twists.

Our favourite is the Japanese-inflected Salmon Jaga-Mayo, blanketed with salmon, potatoes, onions, black sesame, kewpie mayo and aonori seaweed flakes - it all comes together beautifully, giving you all the taste and plenty of textures in each slice.

Peetzaduhh pours effort and thoughtfulness into each pizza (a bargain at RM22 each). Its handmade dough is fermented for 24 hours, yielding a lovely flavour. Each pizza emerges with a supple crust after one to two minutes in a wood-fired oven.

More distinctively, the pizzas all come with Peetza Aduh's own 'shaktum' - a creamy dip that brings together the Middle Eastern sauces of spicy shatta and garlicky toum. It's fun to dunk the pizza's blistered cornicione into the shaktum for a full-flavoured pizza experience.

Another Peetzaduhh creation with Japanese inspirations is the Magician's Breakfast. If you've watched Studio Ghibli's animated fantasy flick Howl's Moving Castle, that name might make more sense - this pizza is topped with streaky beef and and egg as an homage to a memorable meal in that movie, rounded out with mushrooms, peppers and rosemary, a can't-fail crowd-pleaser.

Pepperoni, pineapples or pesto?

If you love meaty pizzas, the prime pick is Geraklu Pepperoni, mighty with marinated minced beef and pepperoni, balanced with basil and parsley.

Even if you're a purist who typically shuns pineapples on pizzas, you might still appreciate the Hawaiian Turkey, with turkey slices brightened by the buoyant sweetness of premium MD2 pineapples, an enjoyable ensemble with olives, onions and rocket leaves.

And if you respect experimental efforts, take a risk on Peetza Aduh's works in progress like the meatless pesto with cherry tomatoes, currently too cheese-heavy for our liking but still an intriguing change from conservative pizzas.

Peetza Aduh

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