Eat Drink KL: Pimento

Friday, April 24, 2009


A new Italian joint affiliated with Jarrod & Rawlins, though it's strictly no-pork.

It's a gorgeous place with warm, accomodating service. At first glance, the menu looked limited and uninspiring, but we were completely satisfied with everything we ordered.

Capricciosa pizza (ricotta, artichoke, turkey ham, oregano and egg). Generously laden with toppings over a crisp crust.

Traditional tiramisu with liqueur and espresso. Totally soaked in alcohol. Tiramisu has become a cliche, but it's still nice to taste one that's done well.

Mascarpone mango lasagne. Pretty interesting; the pastry was light and thin, while the filling was creamy, smooth and not too sweet.

Gaymers Cider and Bacardi.

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.
Tel: 7804-0565