Eat Drink KL: Dubrovnik

Friday, April 10, 2009


Croatian cuisine might never become wildly popular in KL, but it's nice to have a place like Dubrovnik to indulge in this down-to-earth, delicious food.

Dubrovnik stands out as one of SohoKL's most elegant outlets. There's a warm, personal touch to the service that keeps customers smiling.

Pasta Spalato (garganelli with capsicum, spinach and chevre cheese). Marvelous; all the ingredients complemented each other perfectly in a very well-cooked dish.

Lamb Croatia (lamb steak with green pepper sauce and dauphine potatoes). Not extraordinary, but still tasty. 
We also had strukli (yummy breaded cheese dumplings) and sarma (minced beef with rice rolled in sour cabbage leaves with gravy and mashed potatoes), but I accidentally deleted those photos and couldn't recover them!

Damn the Weather (gin, vermouth, triple sec, orange juice), You Complete Me More (bacardi, blueberries, apple juice, yoghurt), Madam I'm Adam (vodka, triple sec, cranberry, pineapple and grapefruit juice).

The Nineteenth Hole (campari, midori, lemon soda) and Scarlett O'Hara (southern comfort, cranberry and lime juice).

Tel: 5203-6780.


  1. The Scarlett O'Hara sounds like the ultimate afterwork relief! I was really drawn to this place too when I was int he area, but friends decided to settle for the more predictable Michaelangelos. Will make it a point to go back to this one!

  2. its not cheap though rite? tats was always the reason y i still havent ventured there..

  3. Like Joe, I'm hesitant to try it because it's quite ex...

  4. 550ml: michelangelo's is livelier, but dubrovnik has a comfortable lounge that's really nice for chilling out.
    joe and bangsar-babe: the food was expensive when they opened last year. but they've slashed their prices since then. you can now have a starter and a main for below RM50.

  5. I always thought it looks a bit fancy for rakyat-style food. Have never ventured in yet. Alas, we keep returning to ole ole bali.

  6. give it a shot; i believe u won't regret it!