Eat Drink KL: Kechara Oasis @ Jaya One

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kechara Oasis @ Jaya One

This "New Age Vegetarian" restaurant features some intriguing selections, including Tibetan and Nepalese specialities.

Complimentary veggie soup. Tastes homemade; I mean that in a positive way.

Amdo Yak Beef. Had a meaty bite to it, but the sauce was a tad too spicy.

Tibetan steamed "momo." Essentially vegetarian dumplings; not bad, but they lacked a real 'wow' factor.

Butter "camel meat." Our favourite of the night, thanks to the buttery sauce.

Tibetan steamed bread, called "tingmo." A simple recipe that most bread lovers would enjoy.

Nepalese Shabalay. Vegetable-stuffed pancakes that looked murtabakish and tasted potatoish.

Tibetan butter tea. Not the healthiest drink, but yummy to the last slurp.

Kechara Oasis,
Jaya One.
Tel: 7968-1818