Eat Drink KL: RinzBakes: 2021 CNY Series Pineapple Tarts & Cookies

Monday, January 25, 2021

RinzBakes: 2021 CNY Series Pineapple Tarts & Cookies

KL's coolest, most unconventional pineapple tarts this year might be RinzBakes' Black Gold Pineapple Tarts - bite-sized, rose-shaped pastry in shades of charcoal, with painstakingly handcrafted 'petals' topped with 24k edible gold dust, crumbly-textured and buttery-tasting, packed with rich, tangy pineapple jam. A beautiful creation that's not only a striking conversation piece but a pleasurably indulgent pineapple tart in its own right.

You can purchase three sets of RinzBakes' pineapple tarts on their own or combined with three other Lunar New Year cookies in a Fortune Bucket (RM118). Preorders at close on January 31, so hurry!

The other three cookies are also well worthwhile.

The Salted Egg Diamant Sable took three months to perfect - it's a bold, robust shortbread cookie, with all the aromatic savouriness of salted egg yolk bursting in each crunchy bite.

The Choco Chip Cookie is a delectable delight, deep and dark with locally sourced chocolate from Benns Ethicoa, with single-origin cacao supplying a subtly sourish undercurrent that's balanced with sea salt.

The Classic Butter Cookie is impeccable too, nostalgically evoking tinned Danish biscuits but with a fresher fragrance, its clean, clear flavour reliant on premium French butter.

These top-quality cookies will kindle the CNY cheer at a time when we all need a pick-me-up. 

Many thanks to RinzBakes for the sampling. 


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