Eat Drink KL: FaSo Patisserie, Setia Alam

Sunday, August 16, 2020

FaSo Patisserie, Setia Alam

If croissants and kouign-amann are two of your favourite words in the world, if Paris-Brest, pain au chocolat and pate au choux bring you pure pleasure, this is your dream destination, specialising in viennoiseries, baked fare with rich, sweet dimensions.

FaSo Patisserie's sourdough croissants (RM5.90; crafted with natural-yeast starter) and almond croissants (RM8.90; complete with almond cream and sliced almonds) all emerge tender and flaky, though the Brittany-born doughy delight of kouign-amann (RM6.90) is the one to get if butter and sugar don't scare you. 

We're also fans of the canele, with its thick, caramelised crust and soft, velvety centre, executed with confident expertise (you might spot French-born consultant pastry chef Frederic Moreau popping out of the kitchen). All in all, we had a week's worth of carb calories, from pastries packed with handmade pineapple jam to brioches with cream cheese and pandan caramel sauce.

Also too terribly tempting to turn from: The Parisian flan, a vanilla custard tart in a pate brisee classic shell; the Flower Pistache, a fruity-nutty creation of apricot gelee with pistachio chantilly; the Paris-Brest, choux pastry with hazelnut cream, hazelnut praline paste and caramelised hazelnuts; pate a choux with caramel cream; and dark chocolate cake with 64% dark choc cream and sponge in crunchy feuilletine,

FaSo Patisserie
D-G-07, Sunsuria Forum, Setia Alam, Selangor. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-8pm

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