Eat Drink KL: MyBurgerLab OUG

Saturday, October 19, 2013

MyBurgerLab OUG

Slicing straight to the meat of the matter: MyBurgerLab is unveiling its feverishly anticipated second outpost this week, choosing Taman OUG to complement its SEA Park sensation.

 Following a Friday night preview, the outlet will open for paying customers Saturday & Sunday (Oct. 19-20), serving some 150 burgers each evening before taking a break Monday & roaring back with a vengeance Tuesday, when the SEA Park branch closes for week-long renovations.

 Current plans call for MyBurgerLab OUG to churn out 600 burgers nightly next week; once both SEA Park & OUG start operating simultaneously & at optimum capacity by Oct. 29, each would likely serve at least 400 customers, six days every week.

 The OUG outlet seems more spacious, seating seventy comfortably, sandwiched between a mechanic's workplace & an aluminum store on a street of shop-houses opposite OUG Plaza. No signboard until next week, but the restaurant's easy to spot. Parking is not usually a hassle here at night, but that could lamentably change.

 Stepping into MyBurgerLab 2.0 on Oct. 18, 2013, was a blast of deja vu: There was co-founder Wee Kiat manning the cashier's counter, his exact role on the evening that MyBurgerLab 1.0 opened July 10, 2012. On both dates, he keyed in our orders, but these past fifteen months of well-earned success have made a clear difference: he looked more relaxed, much more confident this time, as did his partners.

 The burgers here? Every ounce as exceptional as those at MyBurgerLab PJ, with buns as fluffy as ever & patties that remain stirringly indelible (especially the beef), thoughtfully put together in recipes fueled by fun flavors now beloved by legions of fans.

 Note that MyBurgerLab OUG will run on a slightly shaved menu for this next week: Expect the brilliant basics of Say Cheese, Swisstake, A+, Hangover, Chic & Egg Dilemma, Curry Crunch, Sloppy Bella, Shroomx3, Vivien's Husband & Spicy Hawaiian (including the tofu patty substitute) ...

 ... but until Oct. 29, possibly not the more elaborate Waterballoon, The Hulk & I'm Addicted.

 It's difficult to decide what defines MyBurgerLab. Perhaps it's not those charcoal buns that have spawned endless imitators in the past year. Or the tortuously long lines that stretch to scores of patient customers.

 Instead, maybe it's something more intangible but still strikingly palpable: the ruthless perfectionism & trail-blazing creativity that have _ for better or worse _ revolutionized the Klang Valley's burger scene & inspired a new generation of F&B entrepreneurs. It's not merely memorably mouthwatering meals that the MyBurgerLads & Ladies are making; it's history.

Custom-made posters will be added here later to supply a more distinctive identity to this place, which exudes a pleasant, positive vibe, thanks to a team that works with friendly, uncomplaining efficiency to provide rewarding experiences for patrons.

 MyBurgerLab's leaders chose OUG after considering other options like Cheras & Sri Hartamas; it'll be interesting to see what 2014 will hold for this brand.

 Many thanks to Ren Yi & the MyBurgerLab team for keeping us in mind for this OUG preview.

MyBurgerLab OUG,
Jalan Awan Hijau, Overseas Union Garden, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.
Open everyday except first Monday of the month.

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