Eat Drink KL: Eat Drink KL: 100 Favorites

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eat Drink KL: 100 Favorites

I've always loved compiling lists. My five most-played songs on any given week. The 10 capital cities I like best. The 20 greatest X-Men team members ever. Here's one more roll call to add to all that: The 100 restaurants that rank as my current favorites in the Klang Valley, compiled in an eBook that's formatted for free, convenient reading on computers, tablets & smartphones.
Please click on this link _ _ for this flip-page book, Eat Drink KL: 100 Favorites, bookmark it & maybe share it if you enjoy it. It can also be fully downloaded as a PDF file within minutes for future offline reading. 

This eBook comprises reviews & information for 100 pretty nice eateries that span various locations, cuisines & budgets _ everything from casual cafes to relax in on weekends to top-flight establishments to consider for anniversaries.

This isn't a comprehensive catalog; any list is subjective, reflective of its maker's evolving biases. This is a passion project, produced by someone who has independently visited every restaurant featured in this book & found something to enjoy at each of them. 

The eBook will be updated once every three months (the next new link will be in January) to complement this blog, which will continue as usual. Many, many thanks to everyone for reading.

Eat Drink KL: 100 Favorites 
This link expires Dec. 31, 2013; please see blog entries after that date for new link to the eBook's updated editions.