Eat Drink KL: Urbean Coffee + Witches & Brew @ Avenue K

Monday, October 21, 2013

Urbean Coffee + Witches & Brew @ Avenue K

Checking out two intriguing cafes that opened this week in Avenue K, the first fruits of this long-languishing mall's overhaul.

 Coffee aficionados will certainly be curious about the small but smartly outfitted Urbean ...

 ... especially since it currently brews blends by Singapore's Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Urbean's selection is stuffed with wholesome temptations like a salad of grilled chicken, pumpkin, dried cranberries, red onions & green leaves in a sweet vinaigrette dressing (RM18 before taxes) & another with quinoa, broccoli, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, feta & seeds in olive oil dressing (RM18).

Weekly specials might include the likes of a Mexican bean soup, perfectly fine for RM10.

The rest of the menu comprises sandwiches & pastas such as linguine with smoked salmon, tarragon & peas tossed in light creme fraiche & fresh lemon sauce (RM22).

Desserts in recent weeks comprised green tea mille crepe cakes ...

 ...  plus banana walnut & almond cakes that prove well-made, easily scoring a B+ for satisfaction. Dessert suppliers are expected to evolve in the weeks ahead.

The coffee meets the mark ...

... as do the chai tea & hot chocolate with marshmallows.

We love the cappuccino's complexities, though the latte tasted thin & off-balanced on our initial visit. We have no doubt it has improved since then.

 Relatively high acidity (which some will prefer) reveals itself in the espresso; for casual drinkers like us, a hazelnut-flavored iced latte is the easiest route.

Urbean Coffee
Lower Concourse, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Urbean Coffee
Lower Concourse, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

 Also worth inspecting at Avenue K this month: Witches & Brew Sandwich Bar.

 Witches & Brew is a carb-lovers' cavern, but we have to quibble: the tables & chairs are basically awkwardly placed crates, making it a hassle for sitting & savoring one's meal. Many customers might feel compelled to take away the food instead.

Sandwiches are well-prepared with fresh bread (choose from ciabatta, focaccia, panini, sourdough, brioche or gipfel) & fulfilling fillings. They're pricier than expected though; here's the cheapest choice, with boiled egg, wasabi mayo & cucumbers, clocking in at RM12.80.

 Witches & Brew serves cakes supplied by home baker Multiply.F (follow them on Facebook at, including one of the Klang Valley's best, creamiest carrot cakes, rich with bright root veggies & beautifully tinged with nutmeg.

 Chocolate pistachio cake laced with apricots, also available at Pudu's VCR Cafe, the only other eatery that currently carries Multiply.F (the cakes are also available for order through Facebook). These cakes are noticeably lower in sugar; not a bad thing.

 Sodas (which seem to come complimentary with the sandwich, come to think of it) & coffee are offered at Witches & Brew, which is located on Avenue K's lower concourse, as is Urbean. Key restaurants on the mall's higher levels are so far not launched.

 Where there's a mall, there's now also EspressoLab, situated unfortunately beside Urbean. Other familiar names on these lower levels include The Loaf, Krispy Kreme, Swensens, Old Town White Coffee, Cupcake Chic & Marutama Ramen.

Urbean Coffee + Witches & Brew Sandwich Bar,
Lower Concourse, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

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